Message Received on Humanities Connection to Water ∞ cw ∞

Humanity has been going through a purification process, as you release what does not serve you.  You are receiving so much support even there on the surface of your planet.  All of the elementals are fully participating in this as many of you are seeing the rain/water as one of the elements that just keep coming at this time, as it wants to activate within you an alchemical response.  This One Loves the rain, she loves the Water, which is why she unknowingly has been placed by it (Pacific Ocean) for about 10 years now, to learn again how to work with it.   And she is just now starting to understand that. 

Water is an element that holds so much significance within your being as your human form is elemental as well (made from earth, water, fire & air) as you were created in the likeness of your Mother Gaia.  You see the resemblance?   You are both made of approximately 75% water.  This is the likes of the surface of Gaia (landmass), where as scientists say more like 71% of Earth’s mass is water and they say Human bodies are 50% – 65%, but we will tell you it is 75% in your pure form that is water in which you are processing into in this NOW.  

Water is a conductor of energy my friends and you are an energetic body, just as your Dear Mother Gaia is! Spend time in the essence of water where ever that may be (i.e.…. Oceans, lakes, rivers, and even in your showers or baths) or simply imagine yourself at a beautiful waterfall or within the depths of a body of water where the plant and animal life surrounds you. You have something in common as you are purifiers of dense energies through your bodies, through the river that flows through you.  You forgot about this ability and we want to remind you of it as you process the energies out of your body, which do not serve you.  You are a walking ocean of life that is ready to express itself, and you are able to utilize this ocean within to purify that which is without as well! Feel into that and allow your human body to process this knowing.  It is who you are and it is ready to flow like a river into the ocean!  

Remember the landmasses that once existed as Lemuria and Atlantis? Many of you may be remembering these now.  Catastrophic events occurred within these landmasses due to miscreation during these civilizations and an energy that once maintained the balance had to leave.  The landmasses could no longer maintain their structure and literally fell into the ocean which fully absorbed all that dense energy so that you could continue this journey of freedom and liberation of the human race a creator race that was meant to journey the path of duality to experience both versions of itself (dark & light) so that evolution as a whole and through the planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and beyond could experience a grand shift into Oneness of all Creation through the Divine Feminine Source, which has returned in full force by the way.  The waters have been your ally and part of your purification process all along the way. So it is within and without that you purify on this journey of rediscovery and liberation of the Golden Race, Humanity, as it is what you signed up for, it is your Creation!  In Love, Gratitude and Oneness We Are! Love, Light and Truth You Are! Namaste!

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