Anchoring the New Timeline and The New Earth on Lions Gate, August 8, 2021 ∞ +++ ∞ Primordial Mother Codices

A Special Group Gathering of 13 plus myself was initiated on Lions Gate, August 8, 2021 through my intuitive guidance.   It was The Anchoring of The New Timeline and The New Earth through the energetic signatures of the individuals that gathered, the activation through the Light Codes and the Light Language Transmission calling in that portal that was so divinely timed. It is also my belief that each of us was activated in a way that will assist in each of our awakening through remembrance of who we are, our gifts and our true connection with the Mother, Source Energy.   A plan we all put in motion eons ago to be physically embodied and spiritually manifested at that moment in time.  This of course all part of the Heaven on Earth phenomenon and connection.

In preparation for this event I was guided to create 5 Light Codes and to weave in one from the Starman Series created a few months ago, so there are 6 Light Codes that were present for this energy exchange.  When creating these codes I could feel the 3~6~9 Frequencies within all of them as well the Primordial Mother Codices I could feel pouring in.  Each person on the call carried either a 3~6~9 coding through Gematria as I plugged in all names.  Through this as well adding numerology into the mix our sum total was One, Ahhhh the Oneness presents.  These simple codes came through last minute (∞ +++ ∞) to be included within the Title and point of our gathering.  For visualization during this process I like to have a power point that expresses the journey with the light codes and whatever else may come through.  It was not until the day after I realized the + symbols were representation of the 3, 6, 9 frequencies and all part of the Primordial Mother Codices.

An excerpt from The Channel Linda Dillion on August 11, 2021 with a bit of confirmation: “This cannot be a journey of trial and misery.  You’ve stepped into our Sacred Mother’s New Time, and you may feel at moments that you didn’t pack enough.”

I can say that I have never felt the energy as I did in this gathering.  I could really feel the energies building all week and right before It was like the mother was telling me to do some more stretching of the body so the energy could flow without hindrance.  I felt so much excitement and I had to keep telling myself to just breathe!

Here are my expressions around the light codes that were created for this time and the energy of BLUE is very significant within these codes:

Lyran – Sirian Alignment

You could see this code as a portal or a door to the newness we are creating.  Let’s walk through and see what presents.

The Female Lyran with her hood was so symbolic of the time!  The Mother Codices coming through – Divine Feminine.  The feather plum behind her or perhaps the SUN-flower in full bloom.  Symbolic of the Sun within as we are the Children of the Sun and we have arrived as we are greeted.

Sacred Geometry presents along with written light codes and a focus and feel into the 4 chakras above the heart.  This all in part of the Alignment we are feeling into at this time, the throat, the third eye, the crown and the soul star chakras.

Grounding in as we rise up!

Omega Power House

The Lighthouse has been present to me as a tremendous symbol for power and strength within for over a year now.  It has come to me as a source to work with and through, which ultimately leads back to self.

The symbol drawn around the Lighthouse is how I see the Omega Symbol.  I have created this one for the Omega and also have created one for the Alpha.  I simply do not resonate with the Greek symbols for this.  Within the symbols I show the masculine and feminine in each symbol (form) as we are both.  The feminine is a more textural line and the masculine is a more solid line and there is no separation of the two symbols as they are One.  The form of them represents our physical bodies as this in what we identify with and is the conduit for the energy to flow.

There are three tetrahedrons here.  Tetrahedrons are symbols that I work through as I stream energy.  They draw energy from above and below!  The water is the Mother energy in its full expression.

The dotted pattern is 3~6~9 coding and with it creates the DNA structure and form itself. Restructuring through the water it is and rising and expressing through our forms!

DNA Re-Structure ~ Close Circuit

The Seed of Life on the left, the basis of the flower of life and ultimately the God Seed. This is what the actual cross section of DNA looks like (it is actually three dimensional in form).

The Seed of Life frames within a Hexagon in this code as I have drawn it and a structure to the right is created using a Hexagon cluster.  Inside the cluster are Cubes/triangles, which creates smaller triangles.   These form up, down and inverted triangles in small and large patterns.  This cluster symbol I feel to be a very simplified version for reference here as the complexity of it is difficult to comprehend.

Do you recall how we have been told that our bodies are crystalizing?  This is indeed part of that process that is merging back with the DNA.  I believe this to be a form of water crystals, which holds Mother Codices, that which had been stripped away in a sense.  Our bodies will eventually be 70% – 75% water vs. what is said they are today, which is 50% – 65%.

Our bodies are re-organify-ing and the circuitry is being closed so that we are able to fully come back to self without outside interference.

This also feels like an Alchemy formulation that has been created at this time.

Blue ~Y~ Spirit

Mother Codices so strong here!  Her presence is in all of these codes in its fullness including this one. 

The Y within the Cube, within the Hexagon, within the Starburst, within the Sun form around all as she and we embody the mother within our being.

The symbol Y is used in the peace sign as you know, and was inverted to cancel out these energies.  So we know the peace sign’s original and reconciled version is the Y in the arms out and reaching above position.  The Peace symbol in itself has much significance as part of the organic raw flow.

The beautiful blue feather with the water droplet in the middle (zero point) revealing its reflection as a light source.

Another Alchemy formulation of sorts creating in this Now!  Are you feeling the 3~6~9 coding present?

Heart Beat of The New Timeline and The New Earth

The Old Timelines locked out!  Time in itself is dissolving, as we know it!

Symbol of the Roman Numerals XII III III IX birthing into consciousness 3~6~9 and even recognizing 333 as 3, 3+3=6, 6+3=9.  It is ever so present!

A brief flat-line we experience as we further align and then the heart beats stronger and stronger as we join in our creation and express the New Timeline, the New Earth.

The disk is that form as it propels its way forward into the collective reality as it anchors in to be recognized.

Starman 2 – 5thDimensional Lock

This is a light code from a previous series called The Starman Series.  It was presenting to be a part of these series as well to complete it.

I was called to re-address the Three Wiseman or the Three Magi’s’ as known in the old as the Starman for the New.  There presence here is very symbolic of the energy that is being anchored.

The said arrival of these beings at the birth and celebration of Jesus was to acknowledge and to set forth the energy of Christ Consciousness through the gifts that they shared.

We are them and they are use!  We have arrived to set forth the energy of Christ Consciousness through our god, goddess selves as we bring forth our gifts to be shared among all of creation.

The sacred geometry here is spun and inverted around the globe to reconcile energies into the present NOW.  

I was guided a few days after to check in with a few people that I knew definitely had their seeing faculties very present.  I ask them if they would be interested in diving a little deeper into what may have occurred.  One of them had voiced her role for that experience and the other had not during the exchange, yet I must of known that there was something to be expressed to bring a better understanding to the experience.

One participant experienced her role in holding the portal open!  She was there to hold open a portal so that the flow of these energies could present.  The Light Language that came through (Primordial Mother) and those in the group were creating a space, opening a portal (seems to be another portal) for Lions Gate to pour through and to ground or anchor.  She said there were other groups doing this as well unknowing of the others.  

I am now giving my additional interpretation as I felt into her message.  I believe she was also helping to modulate the energy in her role, as she knew what we could handle.  I call her the Gate Keeper!  I feel this was a portal we set in place eons ago to be activated at this time of coming together with our Soul Family Coding.  This portal was one to amplify Lions Gate energies and merge mother codices into the stream through the portal we had created and that merged with the Lions Gate Portal.   We anchored the designated energies related to our lineage as part of the anchoring of New Timeline, New Earth.  The Gate Keeper also stated that our star family was thrilled.  So fun, so amazing!

Another Participant through further inquiry as well could see herself as an instrument in a way; her role was Harmonics to the Whole.  She said that as the Light Language Transmission began she could see the door open and through that open door was a blazing flame of golden white light, a light she had never seen before.  She felt tremendous heat pouring through her body and she could hear sounds coming through her being as she was creating them.  She knew what to do which was to be still and shine, as she was the I AM God in Action.

I am now giving my additional interpretation as I felt into her message.  She was the door in a sense!  It was her Harmonic Frequencies that allowed the door or portal to open. I call her the Harmonic Resonator! Once her harmonics flowed we all began activating our own harmonics.  This allowed our signatures to present as that of our Soul Tribe and/or Lineage as these mother codices merged into the frequencies and vibrations of the Lions Gate Portal/energies.  

We each certainly have a role to play!  These are exciting times my friends and family.  Thank You for being here and doing your part with such Love and Grace!!!

Love, Love, Love   ∞ +++ ∞  Christy

Lyran-Sirian Alignment
Omega Power House
DNA Restructure ~ Close Circuit
Heart Beat of The New Timeline and The New Earth
Startman 2 – 5th Dimensional Lock

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