Protecting the Bridge – Black Opal and Emu

I have experienced much healing within my body in the last week.  I was guided to go to a sound bath healing with crystal bowls as well to get a massage of back, neck and chest cavity. Along with the massage I also received cranial sacral work.  The healer that did both the sound bath and the massage (same person) was in fact, a divine connection for me for this healing.  You know like one of those things you decided to take place now, yet it was planned by your souls through multiple lifetimes and in ancient times, because that is how we roll, our ANCIENT SOULS our multidimensional being! 

This experience above occurred on a Wednesday and on Friday and then another divine connection with a healer occurred about a month ago and we knew we had something to do together, yet it had to incubate.  We had contacted each other a week before and decide to get together the week I had the other healing although at that time I did not know I would be doing the sound healing and massage therapy. It was on that Saturday that we locked in a time and place to meet. 

We decided to meet at a local small-town beach, which I often walk on and felt the energy to be applicable for this meeting.  I had no idea what was to transpire and I just allowed myself to not know, which usually makes me a little anxious but I was not that day it was just a natural flow.  The morning I woke up I said to myself okay, I’m going to the beach to meet my friend what do I need?  I heard copper for grounding and wear your GREEN Metatron (sacred geometry) t-shirt and your GREEN cap that says roar.  I located the two large copper coins I got years ago and put them in my pocket and off I went, the green machine! 

My friend and I met at the street corner and we headed to the beach. I handed her one of my coins to keep her grounded as well and I asked her if she received anything for our meeting today and she said she was guided to bring her tuning forks to use on me. We found a nice quiet spot on the sand and we laid out a blanket for us to sit on as we got still and quiet and she began using the tuning forks on me while a heavy mist in the air began. 

In both the massage and cranial sacral healing and the work with the tuning forks I was guided to bring through the light language to aid, amplify and seal the healing.  After the friend used her tuning forks, she sat back-to-back (where I felt energy through my middle back and it was even a little uncomfortable) with me bringing forth a form of light language as well and drawing codes into the sand as she was also grounding or anchoring the energies. 

This may have lasted 20 minutes and then we just sat still looking at the water.  Out of nowhere a black pigeon arrives and starts to walk around us.  My first thought was he is black and I don’t think I had seen a black pigeon before but he really was beautiful. We then felt a little fearful of the blackness of the pigeon and as he got halfway around us a flock of sea gulls came in and one even tackled the pigeon, sending him back the way he approached us, although he managed to dodge them and continue his movement around us, not making it all the way around before he then turned back and went the way he came.  He had no fear of the sea gulls, he didn’t run away he walked among them peacefully even after what seemed to be an assault on him.

What is the symbology behind this piece? The black pigeon. Let’s dive deep! Could it be our mind, our egos that are creating fear (assumed protection) around the color black as we relate it to darkness? Look at all the symbology around black birds, the mystery, the mysticism, the Magic! Could it be that metaphorically this was showing the balancing of the dark and the light! Showing that the light is greater in its energy and frequencies and the trickery of black, darkness is easily resolved through our being. We are TRANSDUCERS of energy, we are here to change or RECONCILE energies back into love, into the organic natural form that we truly know as creation. Separation, polarity, dualism was an experiment, an illusion we created to feel something other than love; to master self and understandings of our creations through awaking and remembrance and resolving the impact of those mis-creationson on Earth, the galaxy and the universes. This is no small role we are playing here! This is COLOSSAL! This is a true RETURN to OUR HOME within our being and our Planet to the LOVE that we all are!

 The Sea Gulls set up a sort of triangular pattern to our right side. Perhaps even a tetrahedron for streaming the energy that was being received and for us to transduce through Light Language and our presence.   It was quiet amazing to see these gentle souls around us.  They felt like guardians or something and they were pretty close to us. They were the smaller gray sea gulls not the bigger white ones for the most part and they had such sweet yet powerful presence. 

This was quiet amazing and we were just in awe of it all.  I did feel I was receiving some major healing under the guidance and watch of some very special beings and we both were grounding this energy into the Earth.  Oh, and by the way this was on August 21, 2021 and that is The Lions Gate on the Julian calendar. 

The next day I was still in awe of what had occurred.  I started to ask out loud; okay what is next here something needed to come forward.  So, within a few hours the mining of black opals in Australia came into my awareness (synchronicity).  I started to research it and was mesmerized by the beauty of these amazing multicolored crystals that are considered mineraloids vs. minerals as they are created with silica dioxide flowing through water in the cracks and voids in the earth caused by decomposing fossils.    

It became clear to me that I needed to work with this black opal.  I didn’t have one so I decided I would do this intentionally and etherically  and perhaps create a LIGHT CODE for this exchange as this can also be tangible for others to feel into. 

That night I had a dream with a tiny little dragon that landed on me.  I was so excited to see him and wanted him to stay there so I could take a picture.  Then I woke up.  Then the next night I had a dream with an Emu present.  In the dream I did not understand the meaning of this large bird.  When I woke up that morning I did research and the first thing that came across was visions through a shaman channel from higher powers, Divine, the ancestral plane.  Her interpretation of the Emu coming into awareness through dream, visions or other was a message to stand in your power, stand for what is yours.  She also said Wisdom has polarities…it does not serve the wicked and it sustains the righteous to overcome all TRICKERY, evil or wrong doing.  The Emu is significant for equality and diversity in serving all.

The black opal is a stone of manifestation that builds a strong shield around the overall torso to undergo deep soul work!  It provides protection for you in this way.  That made a lot of sense with all the healing work I had just experienced and I continue to release, which is focused within my torso and I wanted to remind all that when we heal we heal humanity and the Earth! This also makes me think about the 4 chakras in our torso as these chakras are our earth chakras I would say, especially the first 3. These 4 Chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus and heart) hold our connection to this earth and our existence within it as well the heart is the seat of our soul and our true essence.  It is our bridge to the spirit world, the heaven on earth connection.  This is Healing on a cellular level, very deep. This is preparing me and all who resonate to feel consciousness in a way that is fully vibrational, and is tuning or calibrating the physicality of our existence as it is our bodies that carry the codes that are to be activated.   

The Emu and the Black Opal are both found most commonly in Australia.  These earth elements are coming forward with such beauty and inspiration I could feel the energy flowing through me. 

The two healers and me seem to have a connection with Gobekli Tepe in Turkey; the healer doing the massage and cranial sacral work mentioned this to me.  She said she felt we had a connection there. I had not even heard of this place. It is an ancient civilization that seems is truly yet to be realized.  It feels to me that it has been kept under wraps a bit.  It was discovered in the 60’s initially then an archeological dig started in 1995, yet still very little information.  Within the minimum exposure of ruins are carvings of animals and I noticed a bird.  The bird looks to me like an emu as it looks large and has little wings (land bird). If feels like the three of us have formed a triad, trinity if you will in a sense, those whom I had the exchange with, for healing ourselves and anchoring this healing for others to experience.

In researching the Emu, I found that the Aboriginals utilized this large land bird for food, tools (from bones), and oil for healing among other things in Australia. There was a reference within the research I found on the Gobekli Tepe that compared it to or had some similarity of the Aborginal peoples, yet this was in Turkey not Australia and they did not seem to understand this similarity from what I read.  There is really little known about the Temple.  They say it dates back 12,000 years ago and that it appears to be intentionally buried and it extends to multiple locations.  There are many carvings of animals on columns and I noticed also what appears to look like a handbags, which also appears in Egyptian carvings.  I have read that these were some sort of power packs if you will to assist the gods (galactic, those seeding the earth in a sense) with their energy connections to their home base perhaps or to allow them to be in lower density energy, so sort of serving then as a energetic booster and/or a connection to their home base energetic bodies. 

So, with all this it became clear for me to create a LIGHT CODE that embodied protection within our earth bound frequencies and energies (through our chakras and color frequencies) and standing in the power of self.  With it, it carries the energies, frequencies and vibrations of the Emu, the Black Opal and 3.6.9.  It feels ancient and galactic at the same time and the colors are so powerful as it is those of the black opal and even our chakra system.  You can feel into it and send the energies deep within your cellular structure, your torso, your 4 chakras for reconciling energies, healing and activations as you become shielded in its frequencies and vibrations.  I feel it provides for the protection in the physical body, the physical plane to allow the bridge (through the heart) to manifest into the spirit realm where you rediscover your soul self. 

Oh, and one last thing!  I wonder if there is a race that looks similar to the Emu’s.  I looked deep into their eyes in photographs of them and they feel very special.  They have this cool hair-do; well, it is there feathers that make it.  Their feathers are like hair almost.  And as I am typing this I think of the Blue Avian! I have seen images of these beings and I don’t think they have wings per-say, but the images show that wonderful little hair-do or poof on top of their heads!  Oh my, this is so fun! 

Black Opal & Emu – Protecting the Bridge

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    Are you still offering invasions as before to join as a group forth light language?
    I’m feeling more prompted to allow the the LL to flow thorough …eve while crying.

    I would thoroughly enjoy phone visit with You.

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