Part 1 – The 4 OMEGA CODES Activate and Integrate The New HUE~MANAlignment

The New Omega symbol presented along with the Alpha a few months back and now she is ready to rock-n-roll.  Sense that symbol came into awareness it has presented in 4 Different Light Code Series or singularities that have come forward.  Each series or singularity was to activate, anchor and integrate specific energies.  You can see those series below on pages 9 & 10.

Omega was calling to utilize these 4 specific Light Codes to Decode (Numerical Value) and present for activation, anchoring and integrating within the higher dimensions to be felt NOW in our Physical Being upon Gaia.   This was done through an exchange of and by specific beings in a co-creation event where The Universal Language of Love Light Language provides the Seal.

This numeric coding is created through the series of codices that came to light within the 4 Omega Light Codes.  The 9 9 11 9 (11) Decode is presented for The New HUE-MANAlignment and is now anchored into the Planet and all can tap into and receive it and express it with much Love and much Light!

In Gratitude I AM for this amazing Journey!  Thank You ALL for being a part of it!


The New HUE-MANAlignment ~ ALPHA OMEGA MANA ~ Primordial Mother [ ∞ + + + ∞ ] ~ Great Divine Equilibrium ~
OMEGA POWER~HOUSE | The Triple Goddess
OMEGA PORTAL | O Lord of Light
Triumph Over The 6 Pillars of Man | Reaggregate of Humanity Is The Mark of The Beast ~ (Rephrased: In Humanities Wholeness they are seen as the Mark of the Beast by the few who have tried to enslave humanity for eons of time. In Wholeness Humanity is One with the Mother and all that is and The Beauty is Not of Beast!)
The New Coding System for New HUE~MANAlignment 9 9 11 9 (11)

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