Part 2 – of the Omega Alignment Series – Light Codes Dragon Portal and Above & Below

These two light codes are a 2ndpart of the 4 Omega Series below.  The energetic exchange was indeed a 2-part and is The New HUE-MANAlignment.  They are also Personal Light Codes created for specific Be-ings #7 & #8, however once activated they are available to serve the Whole.  This is always the intended benefit of any Light Code.  Your Inner being and openness to it is your guiding light to allow it to express through you.  The Feminine Dragon Portal was a part of the Omega expression along with the Above & Below Light Code (an 8thPersonal Light Code created; see and experience the original 7 below on this page).  

The Dragon Portal is Divine Feminine In nature and is of course supported through the Dragon energies. This code together in conjunction with the Above and Below is quiet the quantum energy exchange, which allows for an anchoring and clear access to the bridge in coming back online with the ∞ 3 Nodes within our own being.  You can perhaps see it as a path and pattern that is more accessible NOW in this energetic alignment of ascension energies.

Within Above & Below Light Code The Zebra pack of 6 BRIDGE, ANCHOR and ACTIVATE the Inner Creational Patterning held by the I want to say, Original, ∞ 3. Feel into these codes and just allow. There is no need for a grand sensational experience to occur, you see, that is how light codes work, through simply an energetic alignment in which your consciousness will receive for the highest good of your being.  You may or may not experience something that you can sink your teeth into, as the human always wants to have an experience to be able to express as that is our nature. Sometimes it is best to just simply intend that the coding is for your highest good and then just to feel and to know…….and, that is where the peace comes in.  Feeling Peace is such a tremendous part of this journey, one that we have truly lost sight of as we always want to see a result, which is action backed.  Release all expectations and just feel and receive.

The Zebra is an amazing animal to observe in its wild untethered nature.  The Zebras have been holding our space through their own energetic beautiful black and white patterning to rise from the old system as we come back to the essence of LOVE.  The History of the Zebra I feel is much deeper than we know.  All animals have been seeded on this planet by Galactic Beings to assist Humanity in some way.  There may have been Galactics, which have had a Zebra like appearance.  All of Nature has a role and purpose in our awakening process, as that is where we truly originate from in our human form.  The Zebra BE-ings signed up for this as did we, as we are of One.

Place the three points of the tetrahedron on the 3 nodes of the Zebra’s stripes (points of origination, see this on the dominate Zebra of the pack).  You will see the pattern ripple out and the Bridge form within the 6 as you then integrate/merge the ∞ 3 into One.  

Zebra Nodes: Head (Pineal) – Back (Spine) and Heart Girth Area – Upper Forearm (Heart)

The 4 Omega Series (below) and these two Light codes are channeled through a Lyran Co-Creational Broadcasting!

Enjoy and walk across that bridge to discover the New You!

Dragon Portal ~ O Lord of Light, Goddess Sophia, Holy One of God
Above & Below ~ I AM Alpha Omega, Data Alignment
Alignment of the Original ∞ 3 Nodes of Our Inner Creational Patterning – Bridge, Integrate/Merge into ONE

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