The Tree in Me – Light Code

Simply a reminder through the energy of this Light Code of our connection to the Organic nature of our being, as we contain the same elemental bodies as our Planet!  Now becoming in full awareness of it through feeling.  It is the renewal of our existence in the organic state and the peace of being home again. Love, Love, Love!

Unify The Twin Within

Unify Heart ~ Mind

Unify Divine Feminine ~ Divine Masculine Within

Unify Heaven ~ Earth

Light is Infinite

Energy is Infinite

You are infinite

When we Unify we FLOW, When we FLOW, LOVE becomes our infinite PATH!

Twin Within Light Code came through on July 7, 2021, carrying the numerical code 775. This code came as preparatory energy exchange with my Soul SiSTAR Sabrina. With Love and Gratitude!

Infinite Heart – Keystone – 9

This is the final Light Code of the Series of 4.  These are to assist in furthering heart activations, flowing of the electromagnetic energy through your being, aligning, awakening, remembering!  The Heart knows!!

The Infinite Heart correlates to the space in our physical bodies that receives and integrates the transformed organic energy that is the evolution of the Human Being!  

The Infinite Heart is the Keystone of our existence in Human Form!  It is the piece that creates the Archway that leads to the bridge!

When the Infinite Heart is realized the Dove of our being is released and the Peace, Love, Freedom and Liberation, becomes reality in consciousness, as the Illusion that no longer serves is dissolved and we reunite with Source, with Light!

The HEART, The SUN and the WATER merge and flow together as ONE.  The Remembrance of all life as the Circle of Life is Infinite as is the Heart that Lead’s it!

The Series of 4 Light Codes (LC-1 – LC-4) carry the numbers 333, 888, 13 & 9 = 1!  There is no beginning and no end as life is infinite through the One of all that is!

Sending Love and Gratitude to ALL for being here in this NOW!

LC-4 The final of the 4 Series Heart Activations – The One (1)

Heaven On Earth Series of Two Light Codes – 888 ~ 13

LC-2:  Peace ∞ Unity ∞ Harmony | H~EART~H | 888 ∞ 13

~ The Hearth is symbolic of Ones’ Home and this word presented within this code ~

The symbol of the peace sign upright is it’s non-distorted position. The sacred symbol carries much more energy than just that of peace (which is significant of course within itself). Within this Light Code there is also the energy of Unity and Harmony as these words build a bridge in One’s Heart – Hearth.

~ HOME is where the HEART is – The bridge of your INNER BEING ~

Tetrahedron Streaming ∞ Triad over Earth is the All encompassing Source Light, Sun – Gold, Masculine – Iron, Feminine – Copper Unifying through Alchemy of the Soul rising through the Physicality ~ Venus and Mars together as One

Earth Elementals and the four cardinal directions merge the OXYGENE, the 5thElemental, the Plasmatic, Magnetic Energy is merging back into the Organic Form in the physical Earth and Human body

~ Light Bodies Ignite ~

LC-3:  Calling Home ∞ 13 Octave

Heaven on Earth, we have arrived with the Golden Light of Clear Vision, Vision of the Heart ∞ Mind flowing through the the center point, the zero point, The Eye of God within our being!

What do you see, feel, experience?  Feel free to share!  Enjoy! Love, Love Love!

Note: These are LC-2 & LC-3 of the 4 Series for Heart Activations!


Broadcasting Through Creator Heart – 333

LC-1 ~ This is one of 3 recent light codes that has come through as a literal broadcast! Much symbology here with Light House being Humanity, the 3 Stack Tetrahedron being Source/Creator, Plasma (Magnetic) and Electric waves (ElectroMagnetic) through zero point heart and above 3 ascending chakras. The Sun hugging the water in this circle of life that we travel through! Receive and Enjoy! Love, Love, Love! Note: This Light Code begins the Series of Heart Activation Codes. There are 4 total see above 2/1 (LC-1 – LC-4)

Gathering of 5

On May 26, 2021 the day of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon there was a Gathering of 5 Star Beings who synchronistically came together for an energetic exchange. This exchange was for the highest good of Humanity and our Beautiful Planet!

Three light codes were revealed to me a few days before this exchange for anchoring and a light language transmission was brought forward to further amplify and anchor the energy within and without.

Activations, Upgrades all in preparation for what comes next! We flow in the energy allowing embodiment with ease and grace!

  1. Spiral 5 Reverse: We are changing the Human – Landscape. Creating a merge of the two organically (Human/Physicality ∞ Earth).  This Can also be considered a reversal in time space | 5thDimension is present Feel into it
  2. Heart Seed: Igniting the Divine spark within the Divine Heart of Humanity  | Feel and See the heart beat | ∞ Mana∞   
  3. Center Zero Pt.: Balancing | Centering in the wake (A-Waking) of the illusion of time & space that is the Experiment | We are now at the zero point

Lemuria& Atlantis Changing the course (Curse) of Time & Space!

Spiral 5 Reverse
Heart Seed
Center Zero Pt.

The Star∞Man Light Code Series – The 5th Dimensional Lock

Greetings fellow Stars!  I have created a Light Code Series (7), which feels very important and powerful for this time!   We are ending/completing a 9-year cycle (2012 – 2021).  And of course in completion there is new beginnings, new creations!

This particular cycle feels bigger than any of us could possibly imagine.  It is something that I don’t believe is really talked about or information published as so many have been focused on a single event.  Here is a bit of reference:  In 1987 there was the Harmonic Convergence.  In 2012 The End of The Mayan Calendar for a total of a 25 = 7 year cycle.  Now in 2021 we are completing a 9-year cycle (from 2012) for a total of 34 = 7 years.  7 + 9 + 7 = 23 = 5.   I am going to call it, this time, this cycle, The 5th Dimensional Lock (see Light Code Star∞Man2)!

I was guided to the Three Wise Men for this Light Code Series, and it seems the evolution of this coding continues to evolve as I continue to feel into it!  If you consider the story of the Three Wise Men you know it is big in terms of Birthing and Seeding a New Consciousness!!!   However through these codes, I am creating a new story with Three Star Beings that you may consider are running parallel to that one, with the same RAW essence in the gifts, and the same Star Souls (yes, not just one)!!  You could say it is the Rebirthing of the Purity within so that we are activating our own coding through this awareness.

Imagine the story of the Three Wise Men or Three Magi’s and calling them Three Star Beings. I call this The Star∞Man Light Code Series, as Man is another name for Hue-Man Kind.  We have both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within with gender-oriented bodies in these vessels that we have taken, which makes us relate or identify with a specific form that can sometimes take us away from our path to unify them. 

These Three Star Beings received a knowing (Lock) that Stars are being RE-BIRTHED and these Three Star Beings have set the intentions to assist these Stars through this energetic alignment/light coding/sacred geometry and gifts to then create a path/link to each signature so that these STARS will receive much support in activating their own gifts and remembrance codices.  In this activation they begin creating in ORGANIC FORM, the New EARTH.  All of the Stars’ gifts have something very big in common and that is LOVE.  LOVE comes in all sizes, shapes, forms, as LOVE is CREATION and of course that is up to the STARS to create as these gifts and knowing flood back into their awareness. 

The TRUE SHOW NOW begins in a way that creates such excitement and joy!  I also see these as True Creation now dropping the word manifestation!

You see now there was never only One Star in the sky, there has always been a sea of Stars.  The Stars simply forgot who they truly were as they left there homes, friends and families and they just needed to experience a few things that were out of the ordinary for them and often difficult, but they knew that there would be a time where they would all come together again at some point and merge back into the One of All of Creation and then be able to express themselves again in their true essence, their authentic being.  And that time is NOW (Lock)!!!!

Gold – Atomic No. 79 (7), The Essence of Source Light Energy Frankincense – Purification, Raw Essence of Self Expression, Healing and releasing old energy of wounded warrior/programming (7) Myrrh – Rebirthing the Souls Light, Raw Essence of Self Expression, Healing and releasing the old energy of playing small, Creatrix in Action, movement and flow of new energy (7)

= Magic, Magicians, Stars igniting Christ Consciousness/Love, lighting the way and path Home for All to find

Star∞Man1 The Advent – “The Coming”, Convergence – It is TIME! – 3 Star∞Man2The 5th Dimensional Lock (blue background) – 3 Star∞Man3 – The New Hue-MANAlignment – Liberation & Freedom our connection to the Source Light – Gold (Gift) – 7 Star∞Man4 – Divine Masculine – Purity Awareness – Frankincense (Gift) – 7 Star∞Man5 – Divine Feminine – Rebirth ∞ Creation ∞ Myrrh – 7(Gift) – 7 Star∞Man6 – Rising Star Through The Ashes – Ascension – 5 Star∞Man7 – The Lion of Judah ∞ Sword of TRUTH ∞ Embodied Christ Consciousness – 8 

Something to think about as you feel into these codes:  There are many Stars, however we merge as ONE and this feels to be what I could identify as the 8th Seal (7+1), if that makes sense even if metaphorically, could it be?   After receiving and writing this I also read a message by Linda Dillon channeling Mother Mary and she mentioned that we all had “The Seal of Solomon” placed upon us. This was to maintain (no matter what) the essence of our soul design and the purity within.   This clearly points out the illusion that we created to fulfill our experience in this realm and now we can all move with ease and grace through this, as we have always been pure it was simply the illusion that blocked that from our view! 

Numerical Coding – 33∞777∞5∞8  = 40 = 4 (Love, Heart, Mother Earth, Gaia)

Love and Gratitude to All! Thank You for Being Here in all that you ARE!  Enjoy!!!

Photographs by Others – In Gratitude I am for these Individuals’ Artistry! Light Codes (overlays) by Christy Wallace The two mediums work in UNITY for the energy created

Star∞Man1 – The Advent – “The Coming”, Convergence – It is TIME! – 3
Star∞Man2 – The 5th Dimensional Lock (blue background) – 3
Star∞Man3 – The New Hue-MANAlignment – Liberation & Freedom our connection to the Source Light – Gold (Gift) – 7
Star∞Man4 – Divine Masculine – Purity Awareness – Frankincense (Gift) – 7
Star∞Man5 – Divine Feminine – Rebirth ∞ Creation ∞ Myrrh – 7(Gift) – 7
Star∞Man6 – Rising Star Through The Ashes – Ascension – 5
Star∞Man7 – The Lion of Judah ∞ Sword of TRUTH ∞ Embodied Christ Consciousness – 8

Christ Consciousness Light Codes – 333

Fire ∞ Light ∞ Water Purify ∞ Rise-Up ∞ LOVE Rebirth ∞ Heaven ∞ Earth

Your time is NOW to become all that you ARE In Physical form You Will MASTER this JOURNEY Back into the ONENESS of all that is LOVE

White and Red/Orange Light becomes the SUN The Life of this Planet restored as ONE

The Light, The Rays, The Circles, The Triangles The Spheres of alignment connect at ZERO POINT Through the WATER LOVE is Ignited Christ Consciousness Anointed

These images and Light Codes carry the 333 Numerical Code ∞ Enjoy!


Note:  These beautiful images are by others whom I am so grateful are available for me to utilize. I am always guided to an image usually a week or weeks before the code comes through. The Light Code overlays come through as an amplification and anchor of the energies represented. Both the image and Light Code become ONE. In gratitude I am for the wonderful artist and photographers!

Fire ∞ Purify ∞ SUN
Rebalance ∞ Rebirth ∞ ONE

Light Codes To Assist This NOW Time – Meditate With Them

Hello Beautiful Beings of Light!  I had something come up and feels like a creation of Alchemy in action (physicality)! Light Codes with a twist you might say!!!

I was having a conversation with a friend who was experiencing rough patches (as I was too and I’m sure many can relate) in this sort of, what I feel to be the last major phase of the old energies (fear) joy riding through our being on their last hoo-rah! I was telling my friend about working with the Tetrahedron and she said, “can you draw me a picture to see if it may be something she can work with!”  And of course my antenna went up with the excitement and desire to bring through something NEW.  I said yes, I think a will have a few of them for you!

Once completed I felt that these may be helpful for others as well!  You can create your own meditations around these or simply just feel into them and breath them in!  This may amplify/heighten your consciousness and embodiment of the incoming energies allowing for more ease with the clearing and purification process as well a more neutral, balanced and blissful sense of being.

Titles are LOVE and SWORD of TRUTH through SOURCE LIGHT.

Tetrahedrons are symbol codes for energy currents to flow.  I use them in Grid Work and have become more aware of how powerful they can be and apparently it is one of my areas of expertise that is beginning to reveal more and more, which is so exciting!

Here is a little insight for your meditation or simply use whatever comes to you:

Love – The No. 8 Expresses in this Light Code

Image yourself in the Tetrahedron with Source Light pouring through you and you expressing out and down through the Earth, in the presence of Gaia Sophia.

You are utilizing your 3rdEye (see symbol expressed through tetrahedrons, right beside the water symbol) visioning through the eye of God.

You are utilizing the Earth Elementals, Water, Fire, Earth & Air (+Oxygene+) in their renewed organic form as you are renewing your organic form.

You are spiraling the Energy in many different planes and dimensions!

You are unifying the masculine and feminine within, spinning it into balance and harmony.

You are renewing your connection with Source Light through Sun Gold – Oneness

You are infinite and immortal, where there is no time and space.

Your heart holds the key!

Sword of Truth – The No. 13 Expresses in this Light Code

You are the Sword of Truth within the Triangle – Tetrahedron!

This sword cuts through all that is no longer of service!

It is a weapon of Truth that cuts deep into the illusion of the experiences you have created with your free will and those that have canceled out your free will.

It is not a weapon of destruction, but a weapon of grace and deliverance, which links the 3rdEye and The Heart!

The Sword of Truth is illuminated with Source Light!

The Air Elemental is breathing new life into your being with the Oxygene Element that flows through it!

You are reborn into the Rainbow Light Body that you have always been!

With Source Light as your Witness you are ONE again!

LOVE Through Source Light
SWORD OF TRUTH Through Source Light