Message Received From The Lyrans – Words

English and or Dialects specific to the country you reside within, your words and their definitions have created the interpretation of your existence and experience whereas they are not your first language.  When you think about this you can begin to understand miss-creation.

Sound, Light, Color, Sacred Geometry & Symbols is what we create from, as this is energy in its purist form. Light Language is this energy!

Note: It was interesting as I received this message prior to a private group Light Language Transmission and right before I was setting my intentions. This implied to me that setting the stage for listening to the heart and observe what comes from within as it is the energy that we send out in whatever form it chooses to take that creates.

Message Received from the Lyrans – Cycle is Complete

We are the Lyrans!  We are happy to bring forth a message for the highest good of humanity!  Your time has come, or shall we say our time has come as well as we join in Oneness!  The creation of humanity was and always has been a beautiful thing, although it was not viewed as such by many beings in the galaxy, universe and beyond.  Manipulation of human creation (The Lyran’s protect the 12 strand DNA) has been a long-standing thorn in the galaxy, solar system and beyond from the perspective of those who have seeded your creation.  Enslavement and the genocide of those among your race for eons, by those that felt as though they were superior to the human have journeyed to the end of a long over-due cycle, which you are now experiencing.  All the trials and tribulations that the human race has experienced was not quite the plan, and it certainly lengthened and complicated the experiment, but when you look back you will understand what you have truly accomplished as the Masterful Creators that you are.  It is through timeline sifting and selection that you in mass are building up to, which will provide the opportunity for what you could view as a do-over!  Sometimes your words can be fun to play with!!

We along with the Avians and the Ceteceans as part of the Guardian Founders (Ancient Master Builders) and who have had much input in the creation of the Human DNA are very present in this Now moment to assist, guide and return the natural evolution process back to your species so that you can continue to experience and process the truth of your evolution which will bring you back to your original states in a new evolved form before let’s say, the rug was pulled out from under you.

The Divine Feminine Source has returned in her full essence to see this through, as humanity is truly that essence.  You are the Divine Feminine Race.  Yes, you have the masculine essence for balance and you have both feminine and masculine forms, however the essence of Love is of the Mother and is from the womb of creation that you were seeded.  This does not minimize the masculine at all as it is with the masculine that you are the HUE-Mon Race, without the masculine essence you would not be.   You are now coming back into that sacred union within.

This has been a long played out reversal of creation itself due to much discord and manipulation. This is why Humanity and its evolution impacts the Earth, your Solar System, Galaxy and beyond as you are ending this cycle.  The Womb of Creation as you can imagine is feminine energetically, which is Love in its purist form.  The Masculine essence of energy was created to balance the Love with Action as it is your form that is the conduit of creation.  You were birthed from the womb of creation and it is now your time to experience this in your human form.  You have long awaited this part of your journey and you have now arrived.  You are the Alpha and the Omega of Creation, you are god in form here to rewrite history and to RIGHT history!  We love you, we are you, the time is Now to remember and be the love, power and wisdom that is within by opening your heart to You so Gaia and all of her beings can bask in Oneness of all that is.

Lyran Light Code

You are the Alpha and the Omega of Creation, you are god in form here to rewrite history and to RIGHT history! This Light Code activates Freedom and Liberation codes within Starseeds. Note: See Message from the Lyrans above.

Message Received – DNA Restructuring with Light Language ∞ cw ∞

As you may know, Light Language can certainly assist humanity in the process of upgrading or lets say restoring the DNA unto its natural creation within the Human physicality and earth elemental, which are one in the same.  Now this is a process and a journey as the dismantling of the DNA did not happen overnight and its full restoration will also not happen overnight as you are not ready for that.  However there is much that can be done to activate and stream line this process. 

You may consider your sleeping DNA to be listening!  Like it has ears to hear and a body to be toned like in physical conditioning of your muscles.  Now first all you have to get its attention and that is simply with intention within your heart space, as you know that you are much more than the smallness you have been creating your entire life.  Get big in your heart, claim your truth, your authenticity and call out to your DNA to get with this New Earth Program you are creating.

When we say program we don’t use this term in the sense of repetition, patterning, control and old paradigm dynamics.  We say program in the sense of constant changing and evolving, as this is who you are. This is what your DNA will relate to. So maybe we call it something new let’s call it restructuring for the time being, as your entire body is restructuring in this NOW moment as it becomes crystalline and your water content increases within.

Today, let’s call forth the Universal Language of Love Light Language to assist in the restructuring of your DNA which will allow all those old ancestral patterns to fall away as we clear that out of our systems utilizing the vibrations and frequencies that are brought forth in Light Language.  As we are all connected we intend this within our lineage and the human collective so that we can move through this ascension process with ease and grace and all can rise to their gifts and expressions that begin to fully create and form this new paradigm on Earth.  We ask for Gaia’s presence as well in this Now moment to help us recreate our forms again to match hers where Love, Peace and Harmony are all there is.

Note: This is the message that I received to bring forth for the Light Language Transmission – DNA Restructuring Series – 1. See below YouTube video for the first of that Series of Transmissions.

Message Received on Time is Inflammation ∞ cw ∞

I received a message in a dream back in February and the message was “Time is Inflammation”! I was befuddled at such a message, wondering where that would take me as part of my growth and expansion it often sends me to explore through synchronicities and research.  I had previously provided a message on Time and Space, which outlined the illusion or lie, if you will, that we live in!  Could this message be another wakeup call to the illusion of time through this so-called pandemic, the big scary CV-19?  

Message: This virus along with many now-a-days create an inflammatory response through your immune system as it goes to battle and is literally tricked into a code red.  This response though is not from the virus as it only causes cold/flu like symptoms, but is from pre-existing conditions in the body (caused by unnatural projections, see below) that become magnified by a chemical coding event that then allow the pre-existing conditions some even unknown to those beings (labeled “auto-immune disease”) to rage like a wild fire.   Humans do not die from a virus itself typically, although that seems to be the latest and greatest fear mongering propaganda! Is this real!  Are you experiencing an illusion to try and control an outcome!  Most so called auto immune diseases create inflammation in the body for unknown reasons or reasons that have been hidden from you to think your own bodies are fighting against themselves, which in itself creates a negative psychological imprint on that being with the illness and is an absolute lie as your physical bodies were not made to attack itself and nor do they. This is simply another form of propaganda to cover up a influenced condition.  

Think about this in a broader picture, such as the Earth, your environment and your physical body.  Think of all the unnatural projections (toxicity) that the planet and humanity have embodied.  Let’s name just a few of these projections:  Pollution of the waters, land, and air with all kinds of debris and chemical dumps (The environment that you live, breath and ingest from), GMO and unnatural foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, technologies, beauty and life style products, etc.  These projections involve an unnatural chemical manipulation to the earth and your bodies as you drink, eat, and create lifestyles for what you think is your general health and wellness.  This is an assault on the Earth and Human physiology. This has run rampant for the last 70 – 100 years due to an agenda that involves greed and control.  Did you decide that your species should become extinct or did someone else decide this for you?  All of these toxic assaults will at some point cause an inflammatory response within your physicality or an “Auto Immune” or Disease, which is just a label for Imbalance in our four body systems (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) due to toxicity at all levels if you continue on that journey.  On top of this those with agenda of greed and control want to propel more propaganda called climate change as they further exploit their mis-creations.  Could it be that the 5 systems that humanity has created (Education, Government, Medical, Religion, Financial/Money), which could be seen as another form of toxicity as these systems totally eliminated the natural and holistic ways of living in harmony with each other and with the earth as a species?  

Now let’s get back to “time is inflammation” and what this truly means now!  When you decide as a Species that you no longer resonate in duality, materialism and your current systems of power over as you currently know them (consider these all as metaphors for inflammation), you will then arrive in unity consciousness and oneness with all that is.  Inflammation in spiritual terms means fear, which is installed within all the metaphors listed above.  When you live in fear you will continue to operate in a 3rdDimensional time structure that humanity has created (simulation, movie).  Unity Consciousness is homeostasis within your 4 bodies and the planet in which humanity will once again exist within as you return to the 12 Universal Laws as a way of life.  The NEW Paradigm is the 5thDimension and time will no longer exist and neither will inflammation.  Inflammation is a by-product of time (as a physical ailment/disease and/or system of controlled state of living) and it is an illusion that humanity has created within and without to experience the absence of love.  Love for thyself, others and the Planet.  It is Now that you remember the Love that you are as you restore your connection to the Creator within.   Namaste!

Message Received on Your Choice ∞ cw ∞

There are many perspectives of what is going on in the world in this NOW!  There is so much fear being projected knowingly and unknowingly and it is the energy of fear.  Everything is energy!  You are energy!   Now imagine all of that energy of fear circulating around and flowing throughout the planet. What does that do to your human body? It fully promotes the state of constant fight or flight, which is not natural to the human form for any length of time.  It causes total imbalance and disassociation with your heart and intuition, which is what is trying to lead and guide you in this NOW!  And it causes illness and disease.

You all have a choice in how you see things of course.  If You choose to see things as doom and gloom because that is what the MSM is portraying then you will most certainly see doom and gloom.  You have a choice, and that is what humanity has lost sight of.  It is called free will to be, respond and act in whatever way you want and it has always been your original blueprint design to do this but with the intention of the highest good of all that is.  I repeat, with the intention of the highest good of ALL that is!

If someone tells you jump off a cliff will you?  You can compare that question to what is currently being projected especially by MSM at this time.  Are you going to jump off a cliff or are you going to make a decision for your self what is for your highest good?  Do you think being controlled in your environment is going to allow this?  Do you truly think all that is being told to you is truth?  Have you questioned anything, have you researched anything?  What are you truly feeling deep inside?  Those are some big questions that you all should be contemplating right now as this is the time of clear vision and clear sight as this is the opportunity to truly have it.  Living in fear is living in survival mode this is a program that has outrun it’s use for humanity.   How long do you want to run that program?  How long do you want to be controlled in the way you live your life? It is pure choice and it is yours as God gave you free will.  

There is so much published right now (and it is not on the MSM) that reveals what is truly going on in this world and has been for eons of time but it is not told by sources you have TRUSTED your entire lives as this is a TIME of CHANGE.  We were always taught that we must have a savior.  For some with religious beliefs their savior is Jesus, for some it is the government, for some it is the MSM………Why do you think we were taught that?  Have you ever truly questioned that belief of a savior mentality?  This system of belief is a control mechanism. Do you ever question the possibility that you are playing into the game, allowing others to seal your fate. Why do you need to be taken care of?  Why are you so co-dependent?  Why can’t you think for yourselves?   Research, discern and open you eyes and heart, as this is your guiding light!  This is a time of coming together for the greater good of all that is.   You have already lived in duality and separation, you should know by now what that creates, which is death and destruction and that game is OVER.  We are in a NEW PARADIGM.  It is time to take responsibility for your lives, the planet and take care of each other. Please do your research and stop watching TV and all the fear mongering that is so prevalent.  You will find a treasure in your own knowing once you allow it to re-activate as you become curious, as you become awakened, as you become reconnected to your God/Goddess self as we are all One.  What you create as individuals is felt by all.  It is time to Create Unity and Universal Consciousness as this is the destination of Humanity and you have ARRIVED.  Reconnect and know that God is within you and you are God.  Who else could you be?  There is no savior; YOU are whom you have been waiting for!

Take control of your lives; stop allowing the narrative of others to continue the miscreation process!  It is your choice!

When we Journey within we truly Resurrect our Consciousness and find our True Authentic Selves, The Creator we were designed to be as we connect back to Source Energy, Love and Light!