A Message Received on Pain & Suffering ∞ cw ∞

Light Workers, Way Showers, Starseeds, Blue Rays, Warriors of the Light…..all of you who are dressed, suited up in these amazing Hue-Mun forms of all sizes, shapes, colors and levels of consciousness in this NOW, how is your Hue-Mun form feeling?  Is it telling you something and are you listening?  Are you feeling into it?  Are you present in that form?

Pain and suffering is what you came here to experience to transform darkness into light.  You forgot who you were in this process of shining your light, and you took on emotions that you thought would serve your physicality.  You began to identify only with your physicality, over many sojourns on Earth!  You have come full circle now as you finalize your journey in pain and suffering where your physical body, your 4thdimensional form that which at one time was one with Gaia and now it becomes one again as you merge and align with her, as you feel with her in your body what must be released and you shift, shake and burn all that does not serve you.   

Gaia feels those energies and you can see what she is doing to release them. She is overdue with this release and she is trying her best with much support to be as gentle as possible, but as you know some beings will be affected and that is their journey to experience.  Your Hue-Mun form is the same as Gaia’s.  You took on the same energies in your little forms and it is called pain and suffering and yes, you have so much support for releasing it just as Gaia does.  

This process of release allows you to feel again, through your physicality as you are still earth bound, however the energies are ripe NOW and these feelings become your guidance again, your intuition again, your path home.  Listen to all the emotions of pain and suffering that come up within you, observe them as if you are not in that physical form and feel into the guidance that is going to allow you to release the pain and suffering.  You are returning home Dear Star Beings!  You are bringing Heaven on to this Earth through your physical forms that is why you must now feel them with your heart wide open, as an observer, in a state of Neutrality and detachment.  This is the state of LOVE, of Compassion and gentleness. Your being is softening as you are becoming One with all that is again.  It is who you are, It is your authenticity, your natural state of being. Bask in the sunlight dear ones you are so loved and so cherished!  Give Gratitude to your forms as they have served you well and are ready to heal as you feel into them they will tell you exactly what they need.  Feel (Intuit), Listen, Observe, in stillness and neutrality it is your natural attributes which are coming back online, if you allow.  


A Message Regarding Receiving The Universal Language of Love Light Language ∞ cw ∞

The dialect of the language will connect us to the sense of our feeling body that allows us to bring love back into our awareness, into our physicality. The feeling body that is our 6thsense.  I speak of the love that is so deeply seated into our consciousness and that we have forgotten in our human form.  This consciousness of love is now ready to remind us of who we truly are as it integrates again through our heart space where it is fully recognized.  This is the love of all that is.  It is the love that created our souls in an explosion of light that overcame the darkness.  The soul simply surrendered to that knowing of the light and  consciousness was birthed into existence.

The toning, and rhythmic sounds of the language will connect us to memory patterns from other planes and dimensions of existence.  This is a form of sacred geometry, mathematical structures and data that are far beyond space and time.  These patterns build upon themselves to ignite within our physicality and awareness that which is far beyond anything that could be explained or even imagined as this ripples out from the point of inception within the Soul and throughout a continuum that is of a cosmic and universal existence.