Light Codes, Energies Coming Through!

Freedom, Peace, Harmony & Balance within | Golden Energies of the Mother, Womb of Creation, The Coming of the Divine Feminine | New Found Joy, Multidimensionality birthing into this NOW! | See it, feel it, be it | It is the NEW YOU, it is who you ARE | LOVE-LE, BEAUTI-FULL, HEART-OPEN; HOLD-ER OF LIGHT, WIS-DOM & GOLD-EN FRE-QUEN-CIES……..FIRE… RISING FROM THE ASHES….You are the Alchemist!

Mt. Shasta, The Shasta Trinity National Forest calling for Clearing of Our Indigenous Incarnations

I was guided to physically go to Mt. Shasta, the Shasta Trinity National Forest.  I had this calling for the last two years however it turned out the time was Lions Gate 8.8.2020 = 2, for an overall 7 day experience.  I didn’t know what the journey would be about, however my Higher Self told me friends and family were awaiting my arrival!  When I heard that I began having certain expectations of more of a reunion style experience of light and joy!  But then deep inside I was feeling that expectations, which include thoughts can be somewhat deceiving, especially in times where purging is at an all time high!

I identified pretty quickly on my arrival that I would be doing some Light Language Ceremonies at and around the Mountain (Volcano), Mt. Shasta.  These ceremonies were on the 8th, 10th& 11th= 11 or 2.  I found the ceremonies to be very exhausting and emotional, however my guides were truly supporting me through it as the days were very hot and the 3 trails included some major climbing.

In between the Light Language transmissions I would have dreams getting little insights such as the year 1851. I also found a historic note at a trail head saying that the Shasta and Wintu tribes battled miners for their land in one of the areas I was drawn to.  The puzzle started to come together!  I began feeling so much sadness, shame, guilt that just overcame me on the last two days after feeling the emotions and the love for the land, Gaia!  I ended my trip with a purchase of a crystal, which I found aligned with White Buffalo Woman.  It is a crystal matrix consisting of Barite, Calcite & Marcasite. The gentleman that owned the shop was a Gem Alchemist. He said he could help me to find the right crystal to assist me. Turned out it was the same crystal matrix that I was so drawn to while looking through his shop, he directed me to a particular one which included rainbow colors inside of it. He told me to hold it to my heart and ask if it was the right crystal for me. I did and the tears flowed like a river! This Crystal actually bridged my connection with the Mother energy allowing the final release and completion of the journey to Mt. Shasta!

Perhaps you may have experienced grief, anger, shame, guilt, etc. during this time as well and didn’t know what it was about.  You may have been experiencing a major release of lifetimes of Indigenous Tribe peoples that suffered greatly.  Here is what I discovered through dreams, synchronicities and a knowing upon the last day of my journey as well a few days after I arrived back home.

In the 1830’s – 1850’s the Government totally deceived the Natives or Indigenous Tribes through un-ratified treaties.  Their lands, their lives and their peace with the Mother was stolen from them.  So many atrocities against the Native Indigenous Tribes occurred not just in that area, but around the United States, and other lands such as Australia, however Mt. Shasta was holding that burden waiting for it to be released.  Through Light Language transmissions, the Mother energy came through (22) – White Buffalo Woman, to release myself and all others who’s souls were incarnated as Native or Indigenous peoples in the US and other countries who had suffered great traumas as governments forced their hand.  These peoples who respected Gaia and were literally the last living Guardians of Gaia were all but eradicated from the planet.   I recall reading in the past that some tribes ended up leaving on there own as they had the ability to leave or traverse dimensions as they could see what was happening.  

It is my intention and desire that the tribes that live to this day feel this release and can truly find love and forgiveness in their hearts!  Oh yes, and as I started this experience what I mentioned at the beginning of writing this message from my Higher Self, “friends and family were waiting for me,” well……..they sure were!!!!!

Love, Love, Love!  May you all feel it so deeply!!!!

I have included 5 pictures of the areas (including Mt. Shasta herself, I kept calling her the Mother Ship) and the actual crystal I purchased along with light codes to further ignite the release and bring love into your hearts.   

Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Buried my crystals into the earth during 2nd ceremony! Lemurian Quartz Crystal, Pale Pink & Cobalt Blue Andara Crystals, Gold Liberty Coin, Scolecite connected with light coding.
Mt. Shasta light column between codes! Release, Forgive, Love!
Mt. Shasta – Omega, Peace with the Mother her Guardians return!
Mt. Shasta in the distance on the right, Black Butte (also Volcano) in the center at distance. Castle Lake, utilizing the energy of the water to assist within and without! The energy of the Sun was very powerful during this time!
Barite/Calcite w/Marcasite Crystal connected to White Buffalo Woman. Rainbow throughout crystal, also there are three points (Trinity) on this crystal the 3rd one is on the backside of it.

The Golden Thread – Pure Gold Magik

Message from The Goddess of Liberty – Freedom Through Forgiveness Yields Liberation

I am the Goddess of Liberty! I speak to you through this one about freedom and forgiveness.  These two words go hand and hand.  You cannot have freedom if you do not forgive.  Forgiveness is a double edged sword as there is forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others.  The times that are upon you now will beg for that forgiveness.  You can relate this to the fall of Atlantis and the many Atlantis’s that you have created in your duality experiences.  You created this to experience the opposite of love as that is all you knew as creators and being the explorers and warriors that you all are you felt this to be an easy task.  Well we won’t go into the details that created those extra curricular activities that yielded a path that lets say had your full attention, but we will tell you now that that cycle is complete.  The opportunity to declare your FREEDOM through FORGIVENESS is NOW and this my beautiful Golden Ones is your LIBERATION!

Many of you walked this path as Lemurians, who fully knew who you were and had full intentions of ascending in your natural physical bodies.  This is where you are now, not to say you will fully ascend tomorrow as you know this is a journey to be fully experienced.  The two Christy’s here are connecting to their Lemurian and other aspects as they activate these portals along with many others doing similar work at other locations.  These portals are available for you now with this activation to tap into as you journey unto your FREEDOM, FORGIVENESS and LIBERATION as individuals and as the human collective.  We are here with you, we support you, we love you!  Welcome Home Masters of the Universe!!!!  

Note: Please reference Part 1 and Part 2 Youtube Series Below, Tetra 1 Lighthouse and Tetra 2 Volcano Portal Activations through the two Christy’s +1. This message was brought forth in Pt. 2 for humanity! So important in this NOW! Tap into the Magik!