About Light Language

In 2018 I discovered a gift that had been waiting for me to ignite. This gift is the ability to bring forth Light Language in two different forms (Sound and Light Codes).


The first one I will discuss here is Light Language through Sound/Voice Signature. I call this The Universal Language of Love Light Language and it is very ancient, it is the original seeded language. The best way to express how ancient it is, would be to imagine you are floating in the Universe and an enormous light burst where there is no more darkness and you simply surrender to that light and become one with it. The birth of Consciousness, it is literally that old! The Universal Language of Love Light Language contains the codes of creation, which is Love in its purist form!

See video below and hear the Sound. The Light Language starts at 4:35 minutes.

This language is not linear therefore it is not meant to be understood by the mind, it is meant to be felt by the HEART to awaken and activate the Consciousness within. The form I speak of in SOUND contains the following: dialect, toning, singing, and expression through hand mudras, gestures and/or symbols. During this experience it is a Divine Feminine Source, Primordial Mother, my Higher Self, or other aspects of me that create the energetics exchanged. This exchange is encoded with frequencies, vibrations, activations, and downloads. Your Higher Being (god/goddess Self) will know fully how to receive and integrate on a molecular and cellular level within your own Four Body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) Systems for your highest good. These codices serve as a tremendous ascension tool and will assist in awakening your consciousness, healing your body systems, heart opening, clearing blockages, Light Body activations, upgrading your DNA, inter-dimensional travel, soul retrieval, integration of soul aspects, visioning of your experience with other beings, remembering past lives and experiences, directing energy and so much more.

The Universal Language of Love Light Language speaks to your heart space on a Quantum Level, your heart is connected to your higher self, your god/goddess self, your authentic self. God/Source is expressing through each of you and it is time to shine that light within and without and bring forth your gifts. You are one with the all that is, you are unified and you are bringing Heaven to Earth in this NOW. It is time and the heart will know!

The dialect of the language will connect you to the sense of your feeling body that allows you to bring love back into your awareness, into your physicality. This body is your intuitive body, which is your 6th sense. I speak of the love that is so deeply seated into your consciousness and that you have forgotten in your human form. This consciousness of love is now ready to remind you of who you truly are as it integrates or reactivates through your heart space where it is fully recognized. This is the love of all that is. It is the love that created your souls to express in form the God Spark that you embody.

The toning, and rhythmic sounds of the language will connect you to memory patterns from other planes and dimensions of existence. This is a form of sacred geometry, mathematical structures and data that are not of time and space but are Quantum in nature. These patterns build upon themselves to ignite within your physicality and consciousness that which is far beyond anything that could be explained or even imagined as this ripples out from the point of inception within the Soul and throughout a continuum that is of a cosmic and universal existence.

Preparation for receiving Light Language Transmission:

In preparing for the Light Language session just remember that there is nothing to do except sit comfortably as you prepare to receive, take deep yet gentle breathes before I begin the transmission and simply relax, let go of the mind and allow the heart to receive the Light Language without judgment or expectation.

Things you may experience during a Light Language Transmission:

You may experience bodily sensations in the form of heat, pressure, tingling, etc. You may have an eruption of emotions that bring tears to your eyes. You may recall memories through visualization or knowing of what you are healing or participating in healing. You may see colors, sacred geometry symbols, light codes, etc. You may get a story placed within your minds eye as a metaphor for the experience. You may hear beautiful sounds and see visions of the New Earth and the Elementals. You may participate with other beings in a tremendous healing circle or be transported off planet through your visualizations to heal where this fallen creation began or where others occurred throughout eons of civilizations. There are so many possibilities and even if you do not see or hear anything pay attention to how you feel. You feel through your heart space, your body and this my friends is a beautiful experience in itself as that could simply be calm, peace, love and stillness within and BOOM, there is that sense of Oneness! Bask in the glory of it! Your New Earth has arrived within You!

Light Codes:

The second form of Light Language that is a really fun and creative gift I must say is the Light Codes. They are multi-dimensional in form although you may only see the 2 dimensional image (visual), which expands into the quantum field. Sacred geometry it is! These light codes that I have the pleasure of bringing forward are new creational energy for our 5th dimensional Earth as well they provide activations and same or similar energetic experiences and integrations as mentioned above with the Universal Language of Love (Sound) Light Language.

I was guided one day to search images/photographs, and when I came across certain ones it is like I got a nod, saying yep save that one you will use it at some point or that is the one you need today. I discovered this format of creating them by taking one of my original hand drawn codes (Rainbow Bridge), taking a photograph of it and then creating the Light Code overlay on my computer. The image and the Sacred Geometry Light Code Overlay work in conjunction with each other in the flow of energy. Light Codes are simply another form of the language of light that maybe more tangible for some to experience, as some individuals are more keen in there visioning or seeing while others respond more to sound. I often use them together where I present a light code for anchoring and to feel into the energy and then I bring through the Universal Language of Love Light Language and activate as the seal upon the codices.

In my journey I have brought forth Personal Light Codes for individuals as well. These codes have something specific to offer the individual, however they are multidimensional so they are also for the Collective. I request permission to post the personal codes for this reason and then this becomes your offering to and service to the Collective.

Both Light Language through sound and Light Codes through visuals are not time sensitive at all, meaning there is no time and they are available to receive when your heart calls them forth. If you are requesting a light code, you are calling it forth.

If you are interested in a one on one session with Light Language (Sound) and/or a Personal Light Code, please visit the Exchange Page.