One on One Session

For details on Light Language and Light Codes please see page reference About Light Language. This page will give you more information on “The Universal Language of Light Spiritual Technology” consisting of Light Language and Light Codes through sound, vibrational frequencies, imagery/color and sacred geometry, which is multidimensional in nature.

This Session is dedicated to YOU through both Light Expressions. I will present light codes to you that I am intuitively guided to (I have well over 200 of them). As I present, I feel into your energy signature and will bring Light Language through as well. These two expressions are a form of energy alchemy that is designed to be received through your heart space. It is not an actual language per se but an energy that you will attune to through your higher being.

This energy that comes through is of Source Light, a divine Ancient presence. Sometimes the energy will let me know what being or group is present. This energy will deliver to you what you need most at that time so please do not get hung up on expectations for your experience. Your human form will receive the energy, frequencies and vibrations through your heart and your higher self will guide you in this process activating what is necessary within your physical and ethereal systems. This can be felt through bodily sensations, memories or thought forms coming into your awareness as well as other ways of sensing that you are attuned to.

You may or may not have clarity by the end of this session on what it is you are receiving; however, there may certainly be an integration period as well that is required. It is best not to have expectations, but to just be open to receive, believe in the process, that it is for your highest good, and allow your intuit intelligence to guide you. This journey is not about knowing everything it is about feeling into the experience. Feeling is a tremendous part of the journey in our healing processes.

The minimum monetary exchange for this service is $190 US dollars.

If you would like to schedule a one on one session with me simply select Contact below. 

Once date is confirmed you will need to provide payment through the Exchange link listed below.   The payment for either exchange referenced (there are 2) are non-refundable and must be received three days or more prior to the session and if you need to reschedule please do so via email 24 hours in advance.

The timing for the one on one session will likely run anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour.  I will send you a Zoom link that will be based on USA, PST Zone and you will need to convert according to your location on this beautiful planet.  We will confirm through email, a time that works best for both of us.