An Organic Cosmic, Elemental and Universal Technology

Welcome to my website! I am so happy that you are here! My name is ChriStar and this website is a reflection of my journey in this life to come back to self, to love. I want to share it with you to assist you in your journey of awakening as you may be looking for some energetic support. I have been experiencing healing on a deep level through so much inner exploration and listening to my guidance, which also had lead to the discovery of gifts such as Light Language in 2018 and the creation of Light Codes through Sacred Geometry that I call The Universal Language of Light Spiritual Technology. I am guided to bring forth these gifts for anchoring and sealing as part of this New Creation and the New Earth and to assist others through an energetic exchange, activation and/or upgrade.

It is a process of awakening to our authentic being and it can certainly feel discouraging at times no doubt, but everything is temporary and if you choose it, it is an experience that will lead you into expansion of consciousness. IT IS YOUR SOULS JOURNEY TO COME BACK HOME TO LOVE.

This healing and discovery continues to allow the expression of whom, I truly am to exist in this form, to support Humanity and Earth in this process of ascension and/or raising of consciousness. We as a human species and as a collective have reached a point of NO RETURN to the old ways of being. This is a point in our evolutionary process that must ignite NOW and it begins with Self and coming back to Self. When we acknowledge this and feel that we are so much more than what our programming has allowed us to believe then that journey truly begins. A key take away in this process is also when we heal self, we heal the energies within the collective and the densities created within the Earth that have plagued our existence as a human species for eons.

Everything is energy, including our human form. Energy can be manipulated through thought and/or intentions. This is the power that we have and it is the power that creates and mis-creates, which is why our consciousness must RISE TO THE RITE. So when you think about it when we are in a place of peace, harmony and joy each of these feelings carry a frequency/energy and it allows healing to take place. If you are in a state of fear or unrest it is very difficult to experience healing and connection. We create our reality through our emotions and reactions to them, which creates an energy form. You are what you create! When we feel through our body we allow the emotions to pass through as we become aware through our body. We then become the observer of our reality and tap into our intuitive guidance to react or respond in neutrality. Neutrality is detachment of an outcome and release of control. You see how the body works now? We are releasing the mind (control), and experiencing our body as a bridge to connect to our higher guidance. That bridge resides within our heart space, throat space and pineal gland space.

Now let us begin the Journey to come back to SELF, true authentic SELF, God created SELF in the image of SELF (Oneness). Yes, within you is that God Spark, a Creator being that may have forgotten who you truly are based on the life experiences that you had or are having. You also may not remember that you signed up for this journey on this planet in order to experience duality, separation and the absence of LOVE, because LOVE is all you ever knew in the God created SELF in the image of SELF and this my friends is what we want to come back to.

It may seem harsh, your life, your experience, but then if you don’t experience that from time to time how do you grow and expand and learn to make different choices to create a new experience that is beautiful, exciting and joyful? You remember and you explore your creator abilities and your free will to make new choices and experience a different REALITY. This REALITY you want to create is what you KNOW as it is that remembering of your birthing as a SOUL on a journey with lifetimes of existence in form. It is LIGHT (information) and it is LOVE (all that is) and it is YOU.

Did you know that LOVE is truly all that is, seriously? I’m not talking about romantic LOVE; I am talking about the energy of LOVE that is currently beyond most humans’ comprehension at this time. Through Creator (God, Source, Light…) your Soul was born into the Universe as a God Spark of Light. From that Light utilizing your godly creator skills you manifested form and in your current form you are human and it is in your human form that you will now bring Heaven to Earth (bridge) through your physical body. It is your pillar of light, your god in form that will create a new REALITY that is TRUE to your original, authentic nature. It is not true to what you are seeing now in this world as that is the illusion you created to have this experience! It is time to release that experience and create ANEW!

God created Self in the image of Self! Let me explain! God (Creator) wanted to have other experiences so it created sparks of light and willed the skills of creation (It’s Own abilities) unto these sparks. These sparks decided to have and create all kinds of experiences (good & bad as we might see them) to report the experiences back to God. These sparks are you and you are an image of God, Oneness. In summary, God is within you (heart) not outside of you! This is the Oneness of the all that is.

Here we go!!!! Enjoy your Journey, you chose it for a reason!