Message Received – DNA Restructuring with Light Language ∞ cw ∞

As you may know, Light Language can certainly assist humanity in the process of upgrading or lets say restoring the DNA unto its natural creation within the Human physicality and earth elemental, which are one in the same.  Now this is a process and a journey as the dismantling of the DNA did not happen overnight and its full restoration will also not happen overnight as you are not ready for that.  However there is much that can be done to activate and stream line this process. 

You may consider your sleeping DNA to be listening!  Like it has ears to hear and a body to be toned like in physical conditioning of your muscles.  Now first all you have to get its attention and that is simply with intention within your heart space, as you know that you are much more than the smallness you have been creating your entire life.  Get big in your heart, claim your truth, your authenticity and call out to your DNA to get with this New Earth Program you are creating.

When we say program we don’t use this term in the sense of repetition, patterning, control and old paradigm dynamics.  We say program in the sense of constant changing and evolving, as this is who you are. This is what your DNA will relate to. So maybe we call it something new let’s call it restructuring for the time being, as your entire body is restructuring in this NOW moment as it becomes crystalline and your water content increases within.

Today, let’s call forth the Universal Language of Love Light Language to assist in the restructuring of your DNA which will allow all those old ancestral patterns to fall away as we clear that out of our systems utilizing the vibrations and frequencies that are brought forth in Light Language.  As we are all connected we intend this within our lineage and the human collective so that we can move through this ascension process with ease and grace and all can rise to their gifts and expressions that begin to fully create and form this new paradigm on Earth.  We ask for Gaia’s presence as well in this Now moment to help us recreate our forms again to match hers where Love, Peace and Harmony are all there is.

Note: This is the message that I received to bring forth for the Light Language Transmission – DNA Restructuring Series – 1. See below YouTube video for the first of that Series of Transmissions.

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