Message Received – Breathe

The breath is symbolic of life!  Why is it that there is constant efforts to sequester the breath at this time?  A few examples of this are; forcing you to wear masks when there is no science that supports this whatsoever and now with this whole movement prefaced by “I can’t breathe”.  Did you ever think of the possibility that your life is being drained from you; your very breathe is being altered in a way that does not allow the fullness of your life as you buy into the simulation of time and space.  If you just rely on your beliefs (concepts) and your eyes to see and you do not feel into your heart that which is truly occurring then you will miss the opportunity for freedom and liberation of your Human.   Your heart is your center and it is the electromagnetic field of your soul’s embodiment.   

When you breathe deeply you allow energy to flow through every, cell, organ and elemental aspects of your physicality and this increases your electromagnetic field.  Yes, I said elemental aspects as you are connected to your planet through these elements.  Your four bodies are these elements: Physical – Earth, Mental – Fire, Emotional – Water and Spiritual – Air and without them there would be no breath and life.   There is a 5thelement that is connected to the other four elements and this element is Oxygen.  Without the element of oxygen the other four elements would not exist and neither would you.  So breathe like your life depends on it because it does.

To be aware of your breath is to be centered in your heart.  Your breath will guide you if you pay attention and allow.  Take the time daily to be still and increase the PRANA that your body is asking for at this time by taking multiple deep breaths every time you think about it.  If you can go out in nature do so and breathe it all in!  Create a routine of 5 – 10 deep breaths as you awake the body in the morning, during meditation or still time, or anytime you feel you need to come back to center (heart) as the chaos may hi-jack your emotions.  Repeat the deep breathing again right before you fall asleep in your evening or any other time of your day where you feel you need to experience a moment of peace.

Through the breathe you come back into your elemental body, which allows you to become centered again within your heart.  The 5thElement of Oxygen is a component of all four elements as it is the oxygen that sparks the fire, that balances the air, that preserves the earth and that moves the waters.  It is the Oxygen that opens the heart to experience that which is beyond your imagination!

Breathe in the new life you want to create for yourself and all those that are on this planet!  

Important Note: I believe we alchemize the SOUL through our BREATH and The Crystal Structure of Oxygen is CUBIC (The CUBE – Hexahedron). Also the Atomic No. of Oxygen is 8, meaning their is 8 protons in the nucleus of the atom. There is also 8 Neutrons and 8 Electrons. 888 – This feels significant. This is our reversal to the system imposed upon humanity.

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