Message from The Goddess of Liberty – Freedom Through Forgiveness Yields Liberation

I am the Goddess of Liberty! I speak to you through this one about freedom and forgiveness.  These two words go hand and hand.  You cannot have freedom if you do not forgive.  Forgiveness is a double edged sword as there is forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others.  The times that are upon you now will beg for that forgiveness.  You can relate this to the fall of Atlantis and the many Atlantis’s that you have created in your duality experiences.  You created this to experience the opposite of love as that is all you knew as creators and being the explorers and warriors that you all are you felt this to be an easy task.  Well we won’t go into the details that created those extra curricular activities that yielded a path that lets say had your full attention, but we will tell you now that that cycle is complete.  The opportunity to declare your FREEDOM through FORGIVENESS is NOW and this my beautiful Golden Ones is your LIBERATION!

Many of you walked this path as Lemurians, who fully knew who you were and had full intentions of ascending in your natural physical bodies.  This is where you are now, not to say you will fully ascend tomorrow as you know this is a journey to be fully experienced.  The two Christy’s here are connecting to their Lemurian and other aspects as they activate these portals along with many others doing similar work at other locations.  These portals are available for you now with this activation to tap into as you journey unto your FREEDOM, FORGIVENESS and LIBERATION as individuals and as the human collective.  We are here with you, we support you, we love you!  Welcome Home Masters of the Universe!!!!  

Note: Please reference Part 1 and Part 2 Youtube Series Below, Tetra 1 Lighthouse and Tetra 2 Volcano Portal Activations through the two Christy’s +1. This message was brought forth in Pt. 2 for humanity! So important in this NOW! Tap into the Magik!

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