The 7 SiSTAR Light Codes

7 SiSTARS were each sent a light code that was called forth to them for their own discovery and then through guidance and Light Language Transmission we anchored these codes into the earth, the grid, ley lines for all to access if they so choose.  

These codes are also activations, bringing back memories of times we have all worked together in our wholeness as one.  They bring peace and harmony to our being as they also balance those aspects of us that are calling for it.  

The two light code portals open up for the Divine Feminine aspects of our being to come forth and merge with us.

We NOW come together in tribes to work together not only spiritually but in our physical being~ness in which these codes also enhance and heal.  It is time for us to reconcile all energies and establish that which we came forth here on planet Earth to do in this NOW, with LOVE!

Star Code 5
Star Code 4
Diamond Sun Disk
Womb Portal
Freedom of Heart
Earth Anomaly
Dragon Portal

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