Rise To The Rite


This series of light codes comes forward as the frequencies/vibrations increase and we are all being guided to own them, to RISE to the occasion.  Pull them into your being! Allow them to vibrate to the reality you would like to create!

They are showing the way, the light and the truth of your being if you so chose to claim it in all of the glory that is!

The power of the Omega Portal opens into your awareness! The Divine Feminine, The Mother awaits your entry

Your Key Opens, 3rd Eye!

In your many sojourns on this planet you have created amazing and beautiful architecture that connected humanity to the Earth.  The ElectroMagnetic fields that supported your life force were naturally integrated and were called in and now to come online again as the elementals support, as you claim that heritage and bridge the gap or void that once disconnected you from God/Source.  The Cologne Cathedral Connect!

RISE To The Rite of your Souls Essence and presence as this merger comes into your awareness again and LOVE becomes all that is as you open up your physical form to this knowing.

Your Key Opens
Cologne Cathedral CONNECT

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