12 Tribes ~ Procession Through Solar Eclipse

12 Tribes ~ Procession Through Solar Eclipse

There was a group of us who gathered for the Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024. We actually gathered together on the 7th and the 8th as it was a build up for an expression of energy outward, in and of Unity Consciousness. The Lyrans who many felt the presence of were guiding us in this mission of TRUTH.

I call the form on the right of the Light Code a Scepter, which is of Lyran Technology. We were called to grab our scepters and hold them as we ushered in a whole new level of Unity Consciousness through the eclipse portal. I have no doubt that many others around the world were participating in their part of this as well, as this was a call to action (12 tribes). The action to transform energy to a higher light, to the light the Soul recognizes while it occupies the human vessel and unifies within and without embracing and integrating on all new levels.

May you hold the light within and without and embrace all that you are in these times as the time is now to Be!

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