Delightful ~ Cacao Spirit

Delightful ~ Cacao Spirit

My plant medicine of choice! She is a delight! She is so gentle, so peaceful, so loving! If you have a sensitive body I would suggest sitting, drinking and communing with the Cacao Spirit in her pure ceremonial chocolate nature vs. other forms of plant medicine. Nothing against those other forms but this one speaks directly to your heart and she works with you daily as you embrace her medicine to open that heart of yours back to the true self of you! I would not say it is a one and done type of relationship. It is an all in commitment of aligning and feeling back into your heart with the delight and deliciousness of the Cacao Energy in it’s deep richness as it warms you up inside and out, creating the pathway for your heart to light up again.

The first words of wisdom from her was Purposeful Awareness. In that, then everything becomes purposeful as we create with love and compassion for all that is. If you decide to explore the Cacao Spirit feel free to use this light code to assist you as it is with her essence it was created.

My favorite Cacao blend is with coconut cream, water, a dash of cinnamon and a big dash of cayenne! Delightful!

Note: All light codes are not single sourced or purposed in their frequencies and energies. I simply speak about my experience with them and how they came in for me. The are anchored into the universal grid and are multidimensional through their frequencies and vibrations and for you they may have a whole different purpose to explore. That is the cool and fun filled joy in their exploration! Enjoy your journey!

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