Point of Origin ~ Emotional Reconciliation

Point of Origin ~ Emotional Reconciliation

Calling all Wounded Warriors! Calling you all forward and I am not just talking about those who have served in the form of a military in this life, but of many lives and of many forms where difficult emotions in your experience landed deeply inside of you within an energy field you forgot you had.

We often don’t even know where that origin is or even what it was about, but I guarantee you will feel it at some point for it’s release, whether you gain memory of it or you are feeling it in your body now through aches, pain, illness, etc. or by way of re-enactment or triggers through words spoken or received, experiences in relationships or in general in your everyday life that may not be what you prefer. Something is going to want to reconcile, it is a calling into your expansion in consciousness. Use this light code if you wish, bring it into your heart space and speak out loud that you are ready to release, thank the emotion for it’s service and the experience and transform it through Source energy with love through all time, space and dimensions.

You are Free! You are Free! You are Free!

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