Message of Completion

Original Light Code ~ Rainbow Bridge

Within this ancient coding is reference to your ancient memories as it presents a doorway for you to open.  Your 8 chakras are represented in a lateral sense upon the foundation of a triangle pointed downward.  This Triangle is the energy of the Mother coming through and this energy is that which was lost as you descended.  The absence of this energy was one of your most painful experiences encountered in human form.

Within your chakra system you have the ability to form the rainbow bridge. This I believe to be your light body and your resonance of the Love frequency in it’s true authentic form.   You are re-igniting as you realign, purify and rebalance your systems, which includes, unifying the masculine and the feminine within.  It does feel as though the portals of the heart, throat and 3rd eye play a very big part in creating this rainbow bridge.  Perhaps this has always been the reference to the heart mind connection, which is the balance within.

Within this Light Code is the alchemy symbol of the circle with a solid circle within and this is the Alchemy symbol for the Sun and Gold embedded within your portals/chakras.  So you have powerful energies here streaming in as you allow and surrender, release, let go to open that door to your now experience.  This is the basis for “Completion”, as that old energy is no longer acknowledged.


Completion is in a sense your arrival home.  It is an acknowledgement, an effort in consciousness (free will), to be in Oneness.  In order to find or rather remember that state of Oneness you have to let go, release, surrender to all that you have known, felt and experienced.  This is the 3D matrix, this is the trauma, pain and suffering that so many are hanging onto as there is that attachment to an outcome and a resistance to change.  You are in a purification process and the 3D matrix has been dissolved, however the imprints within your form are yours to release.   This consists of old patterns, old traumas that you run in a loop and have for many incarnations, you must become the observer in this process to recognize what you must let go of and just send it love.  

I heard someone say that they don’t want to talk about the past, they have let it go, however when you are entranced in the drama of what is playing out in the world and want to know what is really happening those attachments remains in form as energy and neutrality becomes delayed.  This is not letting go of the past as you are still entrenched in an outcome and it keeps that pain or trauma of what you have experienced alive. The past is the present and is playing before us, as it is the illusion you have created over and over to get to this point, this place that allows you to choose what you want now.  And the most incredible thing is you have already chosen it, but if you keep playing into the illusion that keeps allowing it to keep running then that is where your energy will be focused.   It is time to focus on Love and how you want to feel it into existence.  By focusing on illusion you keep the veil up (resistance) to the new reality of a paradise on Earth and the journey then gets a bit drawn out!  So the choice is yours to make, you will ascend no doubt, but you are in charge of the your journey and how soon you attain that sense of completion that is within your being.

Sacred Geometry Overlay of Light Code

This is where that sense of completion was added to the code as through sacred geometry and numerology the No. 9 comes through and that of course is attributed to completion or even transformation.

The fish represents water, Your CONNECTION to the water!  The water is an elemental body within the planet as it is within you.  It holds memory as it is a divinity within you, I relate it to the Mother energy or the Christ Consciousness Energy.  In your conscious awareness as you allow, that divinity will take form as you come into balance. The balance is Love, Unity within your being.  Within these portals/chakras you create that balance and remember you are in charge of your journey.  What are you giving attention too as that is where energy flows?

The Vesica Piscis is the Womb of Creation, the Convergence into the ONE! This Convergence allows the restoration of the Universal Mother, the Sophianic consciousness embodiment on the earth.  Humanity (6) becomes ONE again with the Mother, Creator Source Energy!  This Balance then leads you back to your AUTHENTICITY, which the Love Frequency flows through.   This begins or restores your evolution in the Universe.  

Through the Rainbow Bridge the birthing process, the rebirthing of the authenticity of your nature is recognized in your conscious awareness and the Oneness is met through the all-encompassing Frequencies of Love. 

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