Gathering of 5

Spiral 5 Reverse

On May 26, 2021 the day of the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon there was a Gathering of 5 Star Beings who synchronistically came together for an energetic exchange. This exchange was for the highest good of Humanity and our Beautiful Planet!

Three light codes were revealed to me a few days before this exchange for anchoring and a light language transmission was brought forward to further amplify and anchor the energy within and without.

Activations, Upgrades all in preparation for what comes next! We flow in the energy allowing embodiment with ease and grace!

  1. Spiral 5 Reverse: We are changing the Human – Landscape. Creating a merge of the two organically (Human/Physicality ∞ Earth).  This Can also be considered a reversal in time space | 5thDimension is present Feel into it
  2. Heart Seed: Igniting the Divine spark within the Divine Heart of Humanity  | Feel and See the heart beat | ∞ Mana∞   
  3. Center Zero Pt.: Balancing | Centering in the wake (A-Waking) of the illusion of time & space that is the Experiment | We are now at the zero point

Lemuria& Atlantis Changing the course (Curse) of Time & Space!

Heart Seed
Center Zero Pt.

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