Tuning in To Your Organic Elemental Body

Organic Elemental Body ~ 888 ARC

I had a calling and Our Elemental Bodies want to anchor into 5th Dimensional Earth. Tell them to do so NOW and utilize these codes to assist you. When we do this we connect to our Cosmic DNA, our New Earth Bodies. It is anchoring like no other! It is time to move beyond that which we see, feel and experience in the 3rd Dimensional realm. See yourself in the 5th and beyond. What does it look like? How does it feel? Allow your Cosmic DNA to activate as it connects to the Cosmic Elementals!!!

These light codes came about as I worked with another and of course a whole team of angels, guides, support…. The calling was indeed to anchor the 5th Dimension|Christ Consciousness into all 12 Ascension planets, Earth being key here. A being stepped forward from each planet to receive and be the conduit for this anchoring. Source light came through Light Language to create the bridge. This was a wave that was sent out! All will receive who are ready!

Organic Elemental Body ~ Heart|Physicality
King Metal Alchemy

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