Part 3 of Heaven on Earth Series: Infinite Heart – Keystone – 9

LC-4 The final of the 4 Series Heart Activations – The One (1) (See below added to this series on August 24, 2021)

This is the final Light Code of the Series of 4.  These are to assist in furthering heart activations, flowing of the electromagnetic energy through your being, aligning, awakening, remembering!  The Heart knows!!

The Infinite Heart correlates to the space in our physical bodies that receives and integrates the transformed organic energy that is the evolution of the Human Being!  

The Infinite Heart is the Keystone of our existence in Human Form!  It is the piece that creates the Archway that leads to the bridge!

When the Infinite Heart is realized the Dove of our being is released and the Peace, Love, Freedom and Liberation, becomes reality in consciousness, as the Illusion that no longer serves is dissolved and we reunite with Source, with Light!

The HEART, The SUN and the WATER merge and flow together as ONE.  The Remembrance of all life as the Circle of Life is Infinite as is the Heart that Lead’s it!

The Series of 4 Light Codes (LC-1 – LC-4) carry the numbers 333, 888, 13 & 9 = 1!  There is no beginning and no end as life is infinite through the One of all that is!

NEW Addition: I AM adding another Light Code to this series as it has come forward again (previously posted on my website), however this version which I had actually drawn last year around this time, has received further codices! This Sacred Geometry – Sacred Mother is now encoded with numerical values that are further applicable for activation. This one I will add LC-5 for reference. Added here on the day August 24, 2021 = 1! The One of all that IS ~ Creation!

Sending Love and Gratitude to ALL for being here in this NOW!

LC-5 The One of ALL THAT IS CREATION! The Sacred Primordial Mother! Activation!!! LOVE!!!

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