Heart Trinity ~ 888 – Part 1 Of The Light Code Series The Path of The Heart (1 of 5 Light Codes)

Heart Trinity 888 ~ Coming Back to Self

I was Inspired to bring this Light Code forward after a healing that was facilitated by a dear friend whom I knew I could count on to assist me!

The words that arrived with this light code were COMING BACK TO SELF!  Those words were a reflection, a mirror that reveals that healing has transpired as it is with healing that we come back to our true essence, our true self.   

I had felt anxiety for a while and I had this knowing of something that I needed to release, yet I couldn’t identify it.  It is like my being new it was so deep, yet I could not access it so I called upon a friend to assist me.  It all started with the messenger the morning before, which was a Hawk that I saw on my morning walk.   My attention was drawn to him, as I knew he was guiding me to act upon something.  I saw what I felt was the same hawk at the beginning of my walk and at the end of it (in totally different locations).  The symbolism of the hawk was right on: Wisdom, courage, creativity, illumination and truth to your life.  The Hawk encourages you to expand your vision and see things from a different perspective (and so much more).  The first time I saw him he had just captured his breakfast and landed about 15’ from me with a screech. Then as I finished up my walk he was in a tree and 5 crows were trying to intimidate him.  He was carefree, not burdened one bit as he flew away from the crows.  In the beginning and at the end creates a NEW BEGINNING as we are in a SPIRAL OF LIFE and endings are not real!  A sense of liberation flowed through me!

There were three words that my being held on to as with words there are emotions and emotions are held within our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Hopelessness, Despair and Injustice all rung deep within me and I had experienced at a level that I only had one word to express it and that was anger. The understanding all came through from this life, however I am certain I had many more lives in which this was experienced as it gets lodged deeper in each incarnation unless we are able to release it.

You know how I did it with my friend?  She guided me to put it in the trash, with support of Archangel Raphael.  He had the trash bags all ready for me and I was thrilled to fill them up!  He even said, WOW, they were heavy and oh yes they were!!!  I was instructed to tie the knot and even twice on one occasion and my friend in her own way, as we handed the bags to her, transmuted the old energy.

What a powerful day that was and I have so much love and gratitude for my dear friend who supported this healing process.  Two days later I was inspired to bring forth a healing light code as I was hearing of many people getting sick that I have worked with or that have inspired me.  The source of all sickness is unresolved emotions!  When you can feel and understand the process of clearing your emotions you COME BACK TO SELF as it is in that clarity and purifying process that you can feel your true essence.

This Light Code is called Heart Trinity ~ 888.  You can see yourself as the Crystal Angel in the middle or Jesus on the cross, knowing that you are resurrected through your higher heart with the release of the pain and suffering in this moment and the declaration of freedom and liberation.

The heart knows!  Simply as with all Light Codes, look and feel into the frequencies and vibrations of the sacred geometry within the image.  Allow the healing to take place and the peace to present in your knowing.  You can also, through your intention, send the frequencies and vibrations of the Light Code deep within your being and instruct them to continue on a loop until you feel the release.

Note: See the next two posts for Part 2 & Part 3 of The Path of The Heart Light Code Series. You can go to the Youtube link above and find The Path of The Heart Group Gathering to listen and to feel into the energy exchange of this Series.

Love, Love, Love!

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