Gaia Connection

As I sit with the energies on this day I feel so much coming forward as my experiences over the last few months are now revealing revelations of a disassociation that has been prevalent in my life and I imagine in many of our lives as this was a part of our experience to experience duality. Yet I didn’t have the words for it before but I could feel it.

How do you experience duality? You disassociate with your heart and you operate from the mind, which is of course part of the programming of our lives and the illusion we have created, and again to have this experience. Oh yes and this all came with having our memory wiped of who we truly are. This in return disconnects the elemental body of our being, which is our connection to the EARTH MOTHER, GAIA and all is through the HEART.

We are made in human form, which is all part of Source Creation, however there is a dominant frequency that was switched off in this evolutionary process.  You can think of it like your genes and inheriting the way you look from your parents this is pretty natural to occur.   We got these bodies, this physicality from our Mother’s elemental genes as part of Source Creation in form.

The disassociation or disconnection has taken us away from the high frequencies of creation, LOVE, not fear, not lack, not anger, etc. This is why part of our programming is so mind based as the mind can be controlled through a lower form of creational energy. Every thing is energy and it is at the frequencies it vibrates, which determines the manifestation of our reality. 

There are of course those that participated in this de-evolution or disconnect process, including ourselves, but that is the illusion we created to have the experience. So there is no reason to be angry at these beings creating tyranny as we are seeing many of them now in the chaos of the world, which is all being revealed to us so that we can remember again.

How do we remember? We connect with the heart that aligns with the elemental body, which is connected to our physicality and our Earth Mother. This connection restores or renews the neuropathways of our alignments.

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