The Motherlode Technology Anchors In – 2.2.22

Motherlode Technology ~ Organic Unto The Elementals

This new sequence of Light Codes called forth for this day is a New Organic Technology that Re-Aligns the Physical Body (Body Elemental) with the New Earth Elementals.  The Organic state of being!  This of course is through the Cellular Structure of the Being.  And what is in those cells?  Your DNA!!

A year ago I had received elemental light codes called New Beginnings, New Creations, and the 5 Suns.  These light codes were calling forth Alignment with the Elementals, The Mother and Humanities Multidimensional Embodiment.  A question I posed when they came through and after I had researched the Mayan 5 Suns was that each sun was a new birth, aren’t we now entering the time for the 6th Sun, but yet that had not been revealed yet.   It seems pathways were being created.

New Beginnings arise through endings of what was and what is to be.  The light codes at that time were an opening, a seed anchored for more to come.  Could these New codes also bring forth the energies of The 6th Sun?  I have found that Light Codes create building blocks for energies to come forth unto this planet and into our being.  They are gateways in a sense for the new creational patterns to emerge quite literally through our DNA as it becomes realigned and activated through the cellular structure, the messengers.

The Motherlode string of Light Codes for 2.22.22 is an entrance (beginning) into this New Earth!  To enter we must re-align in our organic bodies with the New Organic Elementals of Earth unto which we were created to thrive as Humanity.   During our sojourn we forgot the connection, and the organic nature of our being, however, the Mother is firm that this is to be remembered and embodied so she brought forth the Motherlode Technology to further that embodiment.

Note: See my YT Chanel Link for feeling into and embodying the Anchoring of these Codes.

Within the technology unto our physicality and cellular structure there are Trinity Master Coders rewriting, connecting in with the DNA restructuring (that was introduced back at Lions Gate 8.8.21) through its now closed circuitry (carbon & crystalline) anchored during Lions Gate.  Okay folks, this is Mother’s technology and it is beyond the 5th dimension I will say.  The mind simply will not understand this.

As this restructuring occurs with master coders at work, it is my understanding that it is not those stored memories of trauma, persecution, etc. that we want so bigly to release, but it is the low frequencies and vibrations attached in a form to those memories held within the cells.   This is what the technology is transforming.  And with that I say let it in!!  This makes total sense to me, as we are here to transform or transmute the old energy, yet there has been much difficulty to do this within our own physical bodies as there is a bit of perhaps a cloaking going on.   The low vibrational frequencies stored within our cells are what I believe builds resistance, which we may not even recognize, but we may feel blocked through this.  I can certainly vouch for that!!!

The numerical Coding for these Light Codes:

11 ~ 333 (∞3’s) ~ 911 ~ 777 ~ 22 ~ 4 ~ 12

The Color Frequencies for these Light Codes:

Aquamarine, Cobalt Blue, Gold, Purple, Magenta

The New 4 Elemental Light Codes in this string carry with them the 4 directions, pairing of East (Air) and West (Water) and North (Earth) and South (Fire) and our elemental DNA.  The 5th elemental, which I am reintroducing is what I call Oxygene ~ 888.  This Light Code came forward in 2020 and I was guided to rework it in 2021 for anchoring to ignite the new organic 4 directions.  All is being revealed as the path begins to light up. 

It is the Oxygene that sparks the fire, that balances the air, that preserves the earth and that moves the waters.  It is the Oxygene that opens the heart to experience that which is beyond the imagination!  BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE!

Christy Wallace
Color Frequencies that came forth for this sequence of Light Codes

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