The Collective Merkaba ~ Humanity’s Merkaba

The Collective Merkaba ~ Humanity’s Merkaba | Gold

What a very special day it was today for all. I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a Group Gathering facilitated by Heather Harris, who has created an event for 9 weeks called Reforesting Our Hearts! I connected with Heather just a little over a month ago and we just knew we had something to do together. She had this event already scheduled and felt the Light Codes and the Light Language that I bring forward had a role for some of her sessions in Reforesting Our Hearts.

Heather’s specific event on this day (March 1, 2022) was called Merkaba | Sacred Geometry and she guided a meditation where we connected to our Merkabas. It was through sound | frequencies and vibrations of her words, guidance and instruments that she brought forward that we felt or visioned our Merkabas. She also had sent us these amazing cleansing salts, mist, crystals and seeds to help guide us through our experiences as we Reforest Our Hearts for this NOW TIME.

I had received guidance a few days before of what we would also be doing in this energy exchange. It came through as it usually does as a Light Code first. I new the code would not look like what we know as a Merkaba the ultimate 3 dimensional 8 pointed star with tetrahedron pointed up and a tetrahedron pointed down but that it would have some resemblance as it is for the Collective of Humanity. The Code also called for reference to Golden Energies through the imagery or original photo, which the Light Code is overlaid.

Once the Light Code was completed I called forth it’s name, title and what came through was “The Collective Merkaba ~ Humanity’s Merkaba”. Once that arrived I new we were anchoring this in for the Collective to be realized in a scale that only the Mother can imagine and guide us to do. Lemurian Energies (Divine Feminine) were extremely powerful coming in to harmonize, balance and unify those of late Atlantis (Divine Masculine) as this is what is playing out in this NOW moment, it is literally like a re-enactment so that we can reverse or transform the energy. Each of us was holding space for either the Divine Feminine or The Divine Masculine. It did not matter our gender it was simply the calling forward of what resonated to hold space for.

This was also a calling forth of the Organic nature of our being that of which is connected to the elements and the elementals, plant and animal kingdoms, crystal kingdoms, fairy kingdom and every aspect of our connection to the Earth Mother. The so called fall from grace in Atlantis was felt deep in our Souls as we likely experienced one of the saddest moments of our Earth experience that it is now time to surrender and release deep within our cells through the Master Coder Cells that The Mother Load Technology has expressed. Our experience had been like an immediate disconnect from source energy upon the fall, even though that spark stayed lit within our hearts unknown to so many. It is our reminder of who we are for the time NOW we must IGNITE it.


The Mother Tongue of the Lemarian Mother
Lemurian Dialect ~ Light Code | Harmonizing and Unifying

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