Out of The Void

Out of The Void ~ Mother Seed

I had been shown the Sri Yantra Symbol, which of course I had seen before, yet this time it certainly had much resonance with me and it seemed as though it was truly calling out to me.  Then I was shown it again within a few days all through synchronistically playing out if you will.  Gotta love that synchronicity!!

I embraced it, researched it and then knew why it was showing up.  It wanted me to create a light code series with it.  The symbol itself is extremely powerful and is known as the Sound of the Universe, the tuning fork that connects us to universal consciousness.  It is also known as a symbol for the Universal Mother.  This was one of those aha moments for sure. 

I created the light code with the Sri Yantra in it on the 11th hour for a group gathering facilitated by another and this is where we would anchor it in and seal it with the Universal Language of Love Light Language.  This Light code is called Out of the Void – Mother Seed.

As the week went on I kept getting a nudge like there was more to come for building upon the Sri Yantra Mother Seed light code.  And why yes, there she is, as with the Mother comes her children and encouragement/CODICES – LIGHT CODES to rise up to the next level.   We are in fact in the void of our existence in this NOW time.  It is like we are in waiting for what else do, to realize and/or release which is at such a deep level within our cellular structure that we just can’t quite unearth it.

I see OUT of the VOID as two fold here.  It is out of the WOMB and it is out of the SHADOW we are rebirthed.  It is with this rebirth we start ANEW.  You can see this two fold void as Light and Dark, good and bad, right and wrong as this is how we are programmed to see in this Earth experience.  Or you can feel this as Unification of the two into ONE.  This is the journey we agreed to experience, the coming back to self, coming back to love, coming back to who we truly are as a Unified Source of Light.

With the Mother Seed of your being that is now fully anchored if you so choose, you then IGNITE YOUR SEEDS OF LIGHT AND SEND THEM INTO FLIGHT.  And then, you BLOOM INTO THE NIGHT WHERE DARK BECOMES LIGHT!  This is a true rebirth, resurrection or circle of our Soul in physicality to unify Heaven and Earth.  Here we Go Beautiful Beings of Light!  We got this!!!

Embody these light codes within your heart space.  It is time!!!

Love, Love, Love!

Ignite ~ Your Seeds of Light, Send Them into Flight

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  1. Your light codes and explanations are extraordinary. Thank you for sharing them with us. You truly are a gift to the World.

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