I Become

I felt words that wanted to come through in a poem. I think this is only the second one that I have written and published here and it feels empowering. Words sometimes feel unnatural to me and I think it is because how we have been taught to use them. Back in June 2020 a Lyran or my higher aspect brought forth a message saying that the dialect that we speak now is not our first language and that it has been distorted and the basis of much mis-creation. I believe it is actually the sound of the words and of course the intention behind that creates. This is definitely something I really resonate with and agree 100%.

I have found that there is so much more meaning in them when you leave behind what you are taught about how to use them, you know, all the structure behind it and even the definitions of the words can be seen/felt in several ways. The energy is soaring right now and it is bringing such deeper feeling for me to the words and the threading of them together, which right now turns out to be in a deep felt poem of “BECOMING”. When I read it I feel like I am reaching into the air gently pulling the words to me and then placing them in my heart space. I am alchemizing the energy of the words to be empowering in this stage of ascension we find ourselves now in as we leave behind what does not serve our higher being, that which we are again BECOMING.

If you want to feel these words deeply see yourself as the one creating. Say them out loud when you speak them! What do you feel? Are you becoming your true self?

Love, Love, Love!

Note: I realized also as always the image itself even before the energy of a Light Code or in this case a Poem is overlayed, it has it’s own energy and then they merge with your intention. I of course first identified with the key of time and the color, blue/purple beauty in the background. It is a blurred out background and in it I see a bouquet of fresh cut purple irises on a countertop. So interesting as I saw these very flowers last Sunday at the farmers market and they were stunning. The irises were communicating to me, to merge our essence! They speak to us and show us the way of Alchemy! Alchemy is a transformation of matter and essence, it is BECOMING something anew. See iris symbology in this link https://www.amandalinettemeder.com/blog/2014/9/24/what-is-the-symbolic-meaning-of-the-iris-flower

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  1. You are an Expressive. Not sure what that means but that is the word that came to me as I lapped up your poem. Thank you, Dear One, for sharing.

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