Signaling of Readiness

Collective Signal to The Sun

Here we Go!  Something I often say, as I feel we are truly feeling into and experiencing consciousness in a whole new way.  The words H E R E   W E   G O is like a mantra of an intention to move beyond the matrix, the illusion that we created and bound ourselves to until our inner journey was ripe for a return.   The self-realization is finally kicking-in, paying-off and finding roots as the sense of time fades away in memories of the recent past.

I can feel the falling away of those emotions of restrictive thoughts and patterns, rejection of self, and programming that was not mine to hold on to.  My body is releasing the deep ancestral lineage of memories, experiences and traumas to make room for the cellular/DNA expression of love, wisdom and the power of our creational light for the highest good of all that is.  I believe this is when we literally merge into the organic template that is held in the heaven and earth expression that we created a long time ago to come home to.  It is that time!!!

Collective Signal to The Sun

This Light Code is us in a Creatrix Trinity formation, the ground crew, sending signals of all of our organic templates back to the SUN to express our readiness to return as Guardians of the New Earth in the Collective of Humanity.  We are ready to create anew as a unified energy of love and light in organic form.  It is that light, that information that hones in on the Freedom and Liberation timeline that we know we set in place to embody in divine timing.

When I look at this code I see us traveling in our 3 light ships (tetrahedrons) with triangular and symbol cloaking in front of us and with 7 stars and 5 smaller triangle ships behind us to cover our back (we are being escorted).  I believe our galactic family to be represented by these 12 symbols.  Powerful numerical coding also in this Light Code ~ 3 7 5 9 12 = 9 ~.  The BEE HIVE is our spiritual wisdom, the sunflower our earth and sun connection.

Note:  Bee Symbolism from an online source – The bee is a spiritual traveller, Honey is spiritual input, thus a honeycomb is symbolically a place in the body where spiritual input can be stored.

Bees and their natural products have been present so much in my body health practices over the last few months.  They are truly a symbol for our organic templates.  I am amazed at how we are so interwoven into nature as it is the core of our being which we now truly return to in a way we may not yet comprehend but it is coming no doubt into our consciousness with vim and vigor.  Never used those two words before but that is what came forward!!!

Activate Cellular Coherence

Within the image of the Light Code is a stain glass window that you would find at what would be called a Cathedral that was designed and constructed long ago with such intricate detail.  A part of our ancient past, a structure that was not of religious make-up but is of a resonating nature that harnessed and expressed electromagnetic energy that held humanity, nature and the heavens together, vibrant unto this earth plane.

This Code works in tandem with the Collective Signal to the Sun light code as the imagery and sacred geometry of becoming in the circuitry that connects and activates.  The cellular structure goes live in unified wholeness within the organic technology (pineal gland) of our being that allows us to express as human angels in physical form.

Light Codes are 5th Dimensional information that the heart of your being will interpret as part of the organic technology that we embody to activate and guide us on our path.  Light Codes are what is sent out through the Sun from Source Light and our Galactic Families to raise the energy of the earth and all of her inhabitants including humanity to a New Earth Consciousness of Love.  Light Codes are what we can create to embody the New Earth in the spiritual capacity of our physical form.

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