Magna ~ Elektra

Magna ~ Elektra

I was called to ground/root myself into Gaia. For some reason I did not think this was necessary for me to literally get out into the grass and anchor my body into the crystalline core of her being, but it totally was!

I have been going outside and doing this everyday over the last 7 days. I take my shoes off and walk out into the grass in a park nearby calling forth this anchoring and connection. I’m talking to the 19 palm trees, the Norfolk pine and the billions of blades of grass as I am receiving the nourishment that my body needs as I tap into their root system and consciously allow my physical body to drop it’s roots deep down into Gaia’s crystalline core wrapping around like a big hug.

I needed my body to feel this experience to know that it is One with Gaia and Nature, the Sun, Gold, Elementals, Dragons, etc. It was made in the likes of the organic structures that are ever so present to support it’s return within the organic blueprint. With this experience it opens up to the merging of the elemental body with the plasma body bringing that zero point into consciousness. We are physical and elemental yet we are Light (plasma). It is with focus and awareness that we bridge this knowing as we surrender to that which we may avoid or think not necessary.

Allowing the feeling to intuitively guide and not the mind alone. It is with the heart, that zero point gold nugget that vibrates frequencies for this connection. I find myself speaking out loud to this wonderment with intentions in pure love to flow above and below, within and without.

I believe the Light Code Magna ~ Elektra holds the frequency of love expanding from the center out into the cosmos reclaiming our place on Gaia’s surface as the bridge between the heart of Gaia and the light of the Sun and all that flows through. The expansion into Christ Consciousness through freedom and liberation of the souls journey and the zero point unto which we rebirth our being.

See the group gathering recording to feel further into the energies of light codes that were a part of the birthing of this light code and the Language of Light for Em~bodiment.

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