Activating Technology

Cosmic DNA

I was called to gather a group of 5 human beings in my awareness at different locations in the US, UK and then in Ireland where cosmic beings actually held the space.  There were 5 Nodes on land and a 6th Node in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  We worked through the golden thread and numerical loops of 876 and 345 with 5 holding the center in the Atlantic Ocean for the 33 Coding. At each location there is a crystal pyramid either buried deep within the earth or on the etheric planes, hence the crystals below in the coding (Star Magician).

We connected through our energy signatures preparing the activation of a Biological Technology that will support Humanity by restructuring the waters that flow within them. Within the locations/nodes of the land and sea there are ancient primordial waters through natural wells, springs that will once again activate and flow in divine timing.

Here are some of the key light codes utilized in this process.  Feel into them and feel your water within begin to restructure as it welcomes in the crystals of your cellular structure and DNA.

With Love, Enjoy!

Activation Portal
Cosmic Tree GateWay
Star Magicians ~ Green Aventurine, Yellow Jasper, Shungite, Amethyst, Bloodstone & Malachite

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