Bee-ing Light Codes

Crystalline Infinite Bee-ing – 3rd Eye | 79

These light codes came through in the awareness of the Christos Oil that flows through us. The Golden Honey if you will.

The power of the Bees are within us, within the molecular makeup of our Bee-ingness! In the Bee-ingness of the Bees they pollinate and pollination is creation.

When the Christos Oil flows, the Golden honey light within ignites creation to begin in the highest attunement of Oneness of all that is!

In further exploration of these codes as there is no time associated with them, the Bee Shaman comes forth in a knowing and synchronicity of my experience. The Bee Priestess (Melissae) of ancient Greece! Something new to explore as Bees have certainly been buzzing around trying to get my attention. Little Creators they are helping us to connect with them and nature as it is our true BEE-INGNESS! ∞ 88 ∞

Bee-ing Omnipresent Omnipotent – 88

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