Golden Solar Cube – Christ Buddha – Lotus 13 and the 7 Constellations

Golden Solar Cube – Christ Buddha – Lotus 13

The Christ Buddha within opening up, higher heart igniting and the Golden Solar Energies pour through!

We mirror these constellations and these 7 are important so it seems as the Reset is in Motion. Then there is the Stargate. All about an activation within!

Codes often come back in from a year or more back to present with new codes and I don’t usually add them back in but these were important to do so. Christ Buddha, The 7 Constellations and Stargate!

Aries Reset 777 – June 2022
Magnetic Motion – August 2022
Scorpio Constellation – Black Dagger Down
Taurus Constellation 7 6|13
Pegasus Constellation 6 7|13
Cancer Constellation 55546|7
Virgo Constellation 44458|7
Golden Chalice Unite – Sirian Stargate – December 2021

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