Self – Realization Mind | Heart | Ego Alignment

Self – Realization Mind | Heart | Ego Alignment

These codes came in with a sense of urgency as well a sense of deeply felt alignments after experiencing some emotional distortion from past life that needed to be transformed.

I had such a loving feeling come through, it most certainly was a tremendous healing. What I received around Turkey other than what we all know of it’s most recent earthquake is I believe important for all; Putting aside if this earthquake was natural or controlled, it simply does not matter as all is playing out as planned. Those who have transitioned in this mass exodus from the planet have had a huge role in Opening Heart Coherance for the populace. What an amazing energetic field that was created through this process, within the lands and specifically as part of Gobekli Tepe, which is an ancient site much older than that which has been stated. The land has been cleared with this coding!

This ancient site was created for this time! It has been activated! All is progressing as intended.

Notice The heart falls between the Mind and the Ego. It is our balancing tool. The skull is a mirror, a reflection of you and the cosmos is working within you at this time. That recent green comet was a cosmic ascension tool for us to experience in our physicality whether known or unknown it definitely had a major impact on us.

Allow your heart to lead you, all is well and is opening our expansion in consciousness! What a wonderful time we are in!

Love, Love, Love, ∞∞∞∞ ChriStar ∞∞∞∞

Heart Coherence – Turkey, Gobekli Tepe Ancient Site

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