Electric Exuberance – Leo Constellation

Electric Exuberance – Leo Constellation

Coding of The Sun Dial – The Triad of Constellations 12|13
Black Dagger Down – Scorpio Constellation
Aries Reset – The Constellation of Aries

The first two are new light codes that came through to join two others that had been created awhile back. It feels to activate and to embrace a whole new energy as we receive and integrate these codes. There have been others bringing forth messages of what seems to be The Rainbow Children igniting their light through these energies. The prophecies of the Hopi and other tribes spoke of those that were to come to create anew, to create in the way that would sustain evolution and expansion and deep love for each other and the earth.

Over the last year the Star Networks within the constellations have been communicating light codes to support major transitions and clearings and it certainly feels this is one, through this month of November. Also in my work with others over the past 2 years especially, we have opened portals and transitioned so many indigenous being, as I know many light workers have; And this is throughout the lands of this planet. Their Tribe leaders calling them home, it was time. They had continued to hold the land even after death so many contracted to do so. This all totally makes sense now, as that needed to occur in order to rebirth the Rainbow Children/Warriors into their roles NOW. We are those beings, we have cleared so much within ourselves and the lands now allowing us to transition and be the expression of a whole new reality of our authentic true nature in love, once again.

The Julian calendar seems to be playing a role here as well. April (Aries) is the first month of that calendar and we have an Aries Reset as this light code speaks to the Mother and the Mother speaks to it through the stars. Three major constellations (astrological) and numeric codes through these light codes here to amplify these energies. All working with and through the Sun and the Triad of Constellations.

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