Becoming Authentic Being

Authentic Being

The word Becoming has been coming up for awhile now. Back in March 2022 a poem and light code came forward called I Become This no doubt is connected to that poem and is on page 7 of my blog. I did also notice after publishing that poem that the word becoming was coming up alot through many different channels. It was like the new word for our ascension process. Becoming does not signify that you are not your truth, it signifies a process we have entered, an alchemy that is a transformational cycle of remembering as we wrap up transforming old cycles that allow a breakthrough within ourselves. It is always about coming home, back to love.

The Lion within the image and especially within it’s coloring speaks softly and gentle. The Lion with so many meanings and I believe one of the biggest one for me is symbolizing the power within us all and yet it is a soft and gentle power that creates through authenticity and truth in love, unconditional. A count down if you like, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 or the number 771 (6), which can also be 777.

Blessings in Love!

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