Golden Consciousness Through Reconciliation

Golden Consciousness ∞ It is Accessible!

It is an interesting process in which The Divine works through me!  I love the simplicity of it, as it just comes through in a knowing in what to do.  It took me a bit of time to feel confidence in the knowing, as I always wanted to see first and tried to make it much more complicated than it really is.  It is becoming more and more natural to simply just go with the flow.   Be the Ripples in the continuum, that is how creation begins and momentum flows. 

I Co-Create visuals (Light Codes, Sacred Geometry) in the process as the knowing expresses.   I do not really have visions of these codes per-say, however I do look forward to the seeing when the time presents.   I absolutely love and it brings much joy for me to express in this way for your embodiment if you so choose.

I have been guided to create an image (photographs) library from amazing photographers in which I get to utilize their beautiful photographs and further encode them with Light Codes and Sacred Geometry.   This is such an amazing example of how we Co-Create and are indeed One, we may not ever meet, yet we have that energetic alignment and the Co-Creative knowing.

Water Ceremony, Light Codes & Light Language Transmission:

These Light Codes, Sacred Geometry and Numerology presented here are of course working with and through the Earth Mother, Her Waters, Her Heart and the Heart of Humanity!

I was guided to work with one of the many raw rose quartz crystals I had.  The one I was guided to work with had a crack all the way through it (you could even feel it), yet it was still very much intact.  I was guided to infuse this crystal with the Love & Light that I embody.  I have had this crystal in my pocket or near my body for about 3 days.

On February 13thI went for a walk along the Pacific Ocean.  I was guided to take the crystal in my hand and prime it in the ocean waters. I did this by holding it right under the surface of the water and spiraling it through the water creating ripples.  I did this for a few minutes with the intention of healing the crack or separation that has been created.  The Crack in the Rose Quartz Crystal was symbolic and the Rose Quartz Crystal is one of LOVE.  

You can see this metaphorically as the reconciliation of all mis-creation through absence of LOVE, or separation (crack) from that which we Truly Are.  The Rose Quartz indeed was cracked yet it held firmly together. This is the illusion that we are now mending as it truly does not exist.  We NOW embody Divine Union and express this through Gaia, Her Waters (supported by the amazing beings within the waters – Dolphins, Whales, etc.), Elements/Elementals and Humanity.  

After I finished spiraling the crystal in the ocean I stood up, felt a little dizzy had to somewhat stabilize myself then I looked out into the water.  A sea lion poked his head up above the water about 15’ or 20’ in front of me and at that exact moment I got the word messenger.  The sea lion was the messenger for this intention/water ceremony. I then received that I will finish this ceremony tomorrow on Valentines Day.  The Day of LOVE!   Let’s also expand that day into everyday as it truly is!

Meditation and sun gazing preparation with the Rose Quartz crystal on this beautiful February 14, 2021 Day of Love!  Holding to my intention as the Light Code had already been expressed, I walked to the place I designated to have that Rose Quartz crystal join the Waters of Gaia. I reached back and catapulted the crystal into the ocean where the Sun’s Rays glistened on the surface.  I stood back observed and experienced the colors of gold and magenta dancing with the Sun’s Rays over the waters and it is done! 

Feel into these Light Codes if you so desire.  Allow them to express into your heart space and activate that in which you call forth. 

The First Light Code is called “Golden Consciousness”

The Second Light Code is the Sacred Geometry and Numerology expressed for the Water Ceremony and sealed through a Light Language transmission, it is called “Mother Water Ripples”.  It carries the 3.6.9 and the 11 Code.

The Third Light Code is a renewal of a Code I brought forth a few years ago.  This Code wanted to be recreated for this Day.  It is called “HEART∞N∞EARTH”.

All codes work in conjunction with the energy and intention of uniting self with our original essence, uniting humanity, uniting our essence with Gaia, the Mother and all that is.

Go to YouTube link below to receive the Light Language Transmission that sealed this Water Ceremony!

LoveLight To All!

Mother Water Ripples ∞ Momentum Flows ∞ We Are NOW Ripples in this Continuum, Ripples are the New Creation! See/Feel Light Language Transmission for this through YouTube link above.
HEART∞N∞EARTH – This is a code I recreated as it requested that for this day of February 14, 2021!

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