Opening Portal to Bring in The Support of The Energies of Specific Elements

Multidimensional (previous code that came through) – I added Atomic No. 79, as it is the energy of Gold.

I received a knowing to download some Earth Elements to assist in balancing my being while receiving all these wonderful energy upgrades, activations, etc.

I understand through another channel (Garri – Light Bringers) that these elements/codes are already a part of my being I simply activated them by calling the energy through a portal and this carried through the cells of water (molecules) within my physicality.  This is the Alchemist within co-creating with my higher aspects or multidimensional selves.  

This is all about opening portals as a delivery system to whatever energies we desire, as the coding already exists within.  It was a sudden urge for me, to call this forward as I sat down to mediate and the knowing of what to do simply flowed through, even though I can say I was not aware of details but I was aware of the presence of the elements I called forth as I was specific.  

I love it when syncronicites occur as we experience and then we get confirmation.  Daniel Scranton channel with the Arturian Council was that confirmation for me today.

It does feel that the Acturian and Atlantean aspect of me is coming forward and I am becoming aware of it in the most subtle of ways, but HEY, I will take that!!!  Yay-YA!

The energies of the Elements that I requested were Gold, Platinum, Blue Sapphire and Diamond.  I have created Light Codes for these energies for your benefit as well if you so desire.

Sending LoveLight to All! Enjoy!

Galactic – Atomic No. 78, it is the energy of Platinum
SUN GOLD – Carries the No. 77 (not atomic no.)
Blue Sapphire – much water energy in this code
Diamond – Rainbow!  Think of how a diamond forms!  Under PRESSURE!  It is Carbon that takes the form of a diamond under pressure.  Compare this to our human bodies.  We are carbon, we are changing form under pressure, we are crystalizing, and we are that Diamond and no longer in the rough!!!  Sparkling like a prism of Rainbow Light!

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