It is Time to Fly

Transform: To Change in shape, metamorphose ∞ across, beyond word derived from 14c Old French and Latin. It is time to understand the original meaning of words at a much deeper level. Not that of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary but of an energetic understanding through our ancient history. The history to be truly remembered not that taught in school.

A Little Friday experience and download to share!

The metaphor so often used: The caterpillar, cocooning and then turning into a beautiful butterfly came rushing in this morning to present to me that we must truly see ourselves in this process as a BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORMATION.


I understand this is not a new revelation, however, it is a way of totally NOW FEELING into that, which we truly are.  This can assist in keeping us from getting stuck in the process of purifying our being (note: we tend to judge ourselves in this process) as we often experience many emotions and possible physical ailments.  As we purify we transform into our authenticity our true Oneness, Love Consciousness.

I went for a walk this morning (along the bay front – Pacific Ocean).  I decided to make a stop in a little park where three trees form a trinity.  I have been stopping there often to do a little ceremony through sound (Light Language) and utilizing the energies of all 4 directions, I do believe it is a portal I have created.

When I was doing this I felt a sensation in my right leg, like it was touched and something went through it (gentle no pain).  At the time I was facing west (I live on the West Coast USA).  I completed my ceremony and was on my way and a beautiful butterfly appeared.  I knew of course that was a sign for me of something coming forth.  It fluttered around me back and forth and I stood in awe to just feel into the energy of the butterfly in February!  It was beautiful.

I then continued on my way and began having an excruciating pain, like pins and needles in my right foot. I started to hobble and these sensations were going through my body and I was looking for the nearest bench to sit down. I’m asking my higher self, what is going on, what is happening?  I found a bench closed my eyes and just allowed whatever was surging to pass through my being.  I stood up after about 5 minutes and no pain, I then gave gratitude for the change in energy and continued my walk.  What a beautiful day it is!

We are simply transforming the old energy into the NEW energy!  Whether this was something within me, the human collective, Gaia I was not certain of but I just simply went with the flow of it.  I don’t feel the word transmute is necessary any more (my opinion), it is transformation as with change comes a transformational state and energies are always here, we are simply changing or transforming them into a New Creation.  We do this through Sacred Geometry, sound, light, whatever expression we choose to bring forth with of course the highest intentions of LOVE!  

Embrace TRANSFORMATION, it is a very powerful WORD with an energy that is beyond this World!!

LoveLight to All!

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