Healing the Fae Kingdom

White Coral

This was a biggy!!! The anchoring and reconciling of this energy was through a group gathering in which I was guided to specific individuals (which often occurs) to partake on this journey of June 27, 2022. So many synchronicities were expressed leading up to this experience that when and how they occurred allows you to just know you are on the right path! Oh and this is just not in the making over a weeks time, this is a planned event scheduled through all of us over eons for this time.

While it was a tremendous healing for my own Soul and experience through past incarnations it was also Universal in size and scale. We are always told if we only knew how far and wide these level of healings reach it would blow our minds. I’ll take those words and just express gratitude upon them as this is what we are here to do in LOVE to and for the All That Is!

We were holding space in key locations for this, White Coral Crystal (from Hawaii) was placed almost 3 years ago at key leylines in Iceland and the color frequencies of green, magenta, orange and yellow had their own roles through this process. Sacred Geometry through the longitude and latitude lines of the Earth held by the No. 4, One of the many numbers of the Mother’s Energy! And the Light codes of the Iceland Fae Portal, Shiva and Ganesha along with the Universal Language of Love anchored and sealed the exchange.

The Art (Light Codes) of Lori Tierney who was one of the participants brought these beings into our stream of consciousness to watch and give gracious gratitude to a job well done so they informed us. Tears flowed as hearts opened and healing was felt and anchored within and without! See Lori’s website at https://loritierney.org for more information on her work.

Here is a quote by one of the Seers of the group!

We helped link the Dragon realms with the Fairy realms in three dimensions simultaneously, healed water, aided all 12 ascending planets, and reversed the inversions of the portal in Iceland. Truly amazing how spirit works!

Cynthia F.

Are you connected through these energies? Feel into them and see what happens!

Land & Ocean Anchoring the Healing of Mother Energy with The Fae
Fae Iceland Portal Reconcile | 777
Aries Reset
Ganesha’s Trident (Trishula)
Shiva’s Damaru | Universal Sound
Elf Queen ~ Art by Lori Tierney
Fairy Queen ~ Art by Lori Tierney
Shiva ~ Art by Lori Tierney
Ganesha ~ Art by Lori Tierney

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