A Message Received on Time & Space ∞ cw ∞

Time is the biggest illusion (Lie) on your planet and we are telling you NOW to let it go!  You VISUALLY SEE, in a linear manner, time with a calendar, months, weeks, days and you see it on clocks in hours, minutes and seconds, however this is only a 3D Concept that you bought into to stay in the game and create your 3rdDimensional experience on this planet.  Time has created your past experiences and memories that you hold on to. Time has created your thoughts and ideas for future existence.  Time creates an attachment to physicality and remember you are in this world but are not of it.  Your true authentic self is not physical, you have taken on this body to assist humanity, Gaia and all beings in this Universe and beyond to Ascend into the next phase of creation as a whole.

Once you release the concept of time, you are free to explore creation in the NOW.  There are no worries of what the past holds over us or expectations of how you will live your life in the future, as you can see these concepts are bound by time! Creation has no boundaries it simply is!

When you move beyond thoughts, ideas, expectations you live in the Now to allow energy to come forth and guide you through those frequencies and vibrations that are igniting you.  You then learn how to direct those energies for creation/manifestation and you don’t check your watches to make sure you are doing it on time.  Creation simply is energy that flows without time constraints, it is everywhere around you and it is asking if you are ready.

Neutrality is a state that allows the surrender of time as you detach from physicality in a sense through thoughts, expectations, ideas, needs, worries, desires……., which bound you to time.  Neutrality simply exists as the energy of Love, Love that seeds the highest good of all that is.  Not in the sense that you no longer have your bodies, but allowing the aspect of the physicality of the experiment of TIME that lead you to this incarnation to bring heaven on earth in the NOW.

This message is from my Higher Self.  After I received the message there were further clarifications: We can see Space as the Physicality of our being on Earth right NOW.  Also another clarification is that our imagination is creation as it spirals through the space of the heart, whereas as stated thoughts and ideas for future existence are mind/ego influenced as we are doing this through the illusion of time and space.

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