Message Received on Your Choice ∞ cw ∞

There are many perspectives of what is going on in the world in this NOW!  There is so much fear being projected knowingly and unknowingly and it is the energy of fear.  Everything is energy!  You are energy!   Now imagine all of that energy of fear circulating around and flowing throughout the planet. What does that do to your human body? It fully promotes the state of constant fight or flight, which is not natural to the human form for any length of time.  It causes total imbalance and disassociation with your heart and intuition, which is what is trying to lead and guide you in this NOW!  And it causes illness and disease.

You all have a choice in how you see things of course.  If You choose to see things as doom and gloom because that is what the MSM is portraying then you will most certainly see doom and gloom.  You have a choice, and that is what humanity has lost sight of.  It is called free will to be, respond and act in whatever way you want and it has always been your original blueprint design to do this but with the intention of the highest good of all that is.  I repeat, with the intention of the highest good of ALL that is!

If someone tells you jump off a cliff will you?  You can compare that question to what is currently being projected especially by MSM at this time.  Are you going to jump off a cliff or are you going to make a decision for your self what is for your highest good?  Do you think being controlled in your environment is going to allow this?  Do you truly think all that is being told to you is truth?  Have you questioned anything, have you researched anything?  What are you truly feeling deep inside?  Those are some big questions that you all should be contemplating right now as this is the time of clear vision and clear sight as this is the opportunity to truly have it.  Living in fear is living in survival mode this is a program that has outrun it’s use for humanity.   How long do you want to run that program?  How long do you want to be controlled in the way you live your life? It is pure choice and it is yours as God gave you free will.  

There is so much published right now (and it is not on the MSM) that reveals what is truly going on in this world and has been for eons of time but it is not told by sources you have TRUSTED your entire lives as this is a TIME of CHANGE.  We were always taught that we must have a savior.  For some with religious beliefs their savior is Jesus, for some it is the government, for some it is the MSM………Why do you think we were taught that?  Have you ever truly questioned that belief of a savior mentality?  This system of belief is a control mechanism. Do you ever question the possibility that you are playing into the game, allowing others to seal your fate. Why do you need to be taken care of?  Why are you so co-dependent?  Why can’t you think for yourselves?   Research, discern and open you eyes and heart, as this is your guiding light!  This is a time of coming together for the greater good of all that is.   You have already lived in duality and separation, you should know by now what that creates, which is death and destruction and that game is OVER.  We are in a NEW PARADIGM.  It is time to take responsibility for your lives, the planet and take care of each other. Please do your research and stop watching TV and all the fear mongering that is so prevalent.  You will find a treasure in your own knowing once you allow it to re-activate as you become curious, as you become awakened, as you become reconnected to your God/Goddess self as we are all One.  What you create as individuals is felt by all.  It is time to Create Unity and Universal Consciousness as this is the destination of Humanity and you have ARRIVED.  Reconnect and know that God is within you and you are God.  Who else could you be?  There is no savior; YOU are whom you have been waiting for!

Take control of your lives; stop allowing the narrative of others to continue the miscreation process!  It is your choice!

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