Light Codes – New Beginnings

Original Light Code in this Sequence ∞ Sacred Geometry ∞ The Infinite Unity of all that is ∞ We move beyond the 5th Sun into the 6th

New Light Codes for a New beginning, new frequencies coming forth from the Sun.  After receiving the original Light code (5 circles with rainbow color background), feeling into it, the words The Five Suns came to mind.  I looked it up and this is literally a myth (legend) from the Aztec/Mayan Culture, which was a story of creation through Birth, Death and Rebirth.  This was a story of their commitment to the land and the sky (the Sun) as it provided for them as they were in tune with nature and the planet.  It appears that in order to keep the Sun god happy they had to experience major destruction and human sacrifices as the imperfection of their creations of ultimately, the Human, seemed to have fallen short of appeasing the Sun god so it took 5 cycles of New Suns, but was that the end?

Two interesting things that came up during my research into The Five Suns myth was maize (corn) and the representation of the 4 directions (North, South, East, West).  I won’t add details to try and keep short, however, yesterday was National Popcorn Day and I felt inclined to acknowledge the 4 directions prior to researching the information, which I hadn’t really encountered in my practices.

After thinking about this and corresponding with the Sun Beings (through a channel – Garri Mantese), I received insight as the beings gleefully acknowledged my awareness of The Five Suns but suggested it was much more grand.   So I dig deeper!

My Conclusion:  This Light Code (Original) carries the frequencies and vibrations for New beginnings as a convergence of all that is, was (Lemuria & Atlantis quiet dominant as well), NOW.  It is the unification of our being (and the masculine & feminine) into the One where we create A-NEW as the days of the illusion of what seemed to be our existence is COMPLETE, no more death and destruction, simply rebirth of our authentic selves back into Love.  Our journey is complete in that way and this is for us to feel into and acknowledge. It is NOW that we create new beginnings utilizing the heaven on earth connection that we have always had in human form, we just lost our memory for a time (illusion) that no longer exists. 

Original Light Code (Sacred Geometry) + 5 for a total of 6: The five additional Light Codes I feel assist the elemental body to expand back into the One as much clearing has occurred within us, upon, within and above Gaia for our path home. These Codes create ripples from the original one.  We realign with Nature and all that she brings forth in our being and we A-TUNE to her SOUNDS, COLORS and FREQUENCIES.  These codes are an expansion of the original, as there are ripples upon ripples to explore as we move forward.  No more layers, we are now ripples in this continuum. Ripples are the flow of new creations as the layers of the old have been peeled away.

Hope this makes sense! I’m just going with the flow. LoveLight to All!

Carries the Elementals of Air & Fire
Carries the Elemental of Earth – Plant Kingdom
Carries the Elemental of Water
Carries the Elementals of Earth – Animal Kingdom
Carries the Elemental of Earth – Crystal Kingdom


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