Pure Consciousness is Awaiting Your Call

Pure Consciousness

This Light Code came forward for a Trinity or Triune of exploration. An energy exchange with two others, 3 of us over 3 days releasing, healing and opening the purity of our consciousness to receive that from our higher consciousness. Give it a feel (Light Code), bring it into your heart!

Here are 3 words that arose through this healing and I will also share a video from Bashar that I was guided to listen too in this process and I actually listened to it about 5 times to truly innerstand its relevance in this process of opening consciousness to a new level.

Bashar’s Insite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs5czVMMABQ

Helplessness: 888-222-222-888 One of 10 emotions that I released from a past life experience (through Emotion Code Therapy with Jenice Eckhart). This was the last emotion No. 10 (1) and the most impactful one for me as I felt it deep within my lineage. A life time where I explored my passion and attached to it, not leaving room for balance. My passion was destroyed through the imbalance and the literal destruction of research and artifacts that held it together. A vow was made to never hold that passion for life again as it will be taken away. You can say it was word spells, creating my reality. Our minds are extremely powerful as they create energy that will continue until we have a better understanding of the power we have within and how we create from that more expansive place. This helplessness signature became a block of the passions within my physical existence that are calling, yet I could not see or speak to them. I am happy to say that this was a tremendous healing experience and I continue to unpack the revelations.

Feeling: I believe this to be the most expansive journey and lesson of all…….To Feel through our heart and into our body again. This is who we are as Source Beings. We are Feelers, it is with this electro-magnetic heart within our chest that allows us to be this. It is how we were created to BE, yet our experiences or sojourns in life turned this feature off as we experienced and embodied pain and suffering and literally shut down our most exquisite and expansive feature. Did you know that as the embryo forms in the mothers womb that the heart is the first thing that is created within our human form.

The example above of helplessness is one of many that is an emotion that causes human suffering. Our emotions were meant to be felt (to have the experience) but were not meant to be embodied. Meaning, the energy signature of that experience resides within us until we innerstand it and hear the calling to let it go. We are Water Beings, Water holds emotions as memory and these emotions of pain and suffering can express in the human body as depression, illness, disease, etc. Our release of these old signatures is calling us now, the body is ready to heal and allow in more of this amazing energy that is waiting to be unlocked!

We are here to let go of this within ourselves, past and parallel lives and through our ancestors. They are cheering us on as we clear, they heal too and in this embodiment we continue on the path of evolution of our souls through the Human Experience.

Ego: A self guided feature for us to experience a dualistic world! That’s one of my definitions of it anyway! Not good or bad as it allowed us to experience both! I believe it may be one of the Trinities or Triunes that Bashar speaks about – holding beliefs, thoughts and emotions that form a perceived righteousness that holds us in place. None of this triune is truly ours, we weren’t born with this information, it is something we have absorbed through our parents, their parents, our ancestors and it is what we are allowing to clear or let go of so that we can restore our Heart and our higher mind can be felt in the way that is the natural organic evolution of our existence. That heart-brain connection, bridging that gap that that became separation and that forgot the inner-connectiveness of all that is, is indeed activating again. We just have to recognize that pure consciousness that persists, it will always come back around and invite our readiness to open up those packets for integration.

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