The Path of The Heart – Part 3 of The Light Code Series The Path of The Heart (Final 3 of 3 Parts)

Heart Alchemy ~ Universal Charge

I will just begin with the words “The Heart Knows”. The heart has a physical presence in our body and also an ethereal presence within our being. It is the first element of the physical human body that forms in the Mother’s Womb and it in it’s ethereal presence is the seat of the soul and our connection to The Source Light of all that is.

The Path of the Heart is calling in Balance and Harmony of our being. It is the connection of Heaven on Earth, Unity of the Masculine and Feminine principles within; It is a grounding of our spirituality into these earth suites that we call human bodies; It is Coming back to Self, the Self that is connected to the all of Creation and the Love that is our True Essence. This is the god/goddess within, the neutral none dualistic creator that creates from the heart of unconditional love!

Heart Alchemy ~ The Universal Charge: See the Pentagram in the center then connect to the staff, the vertical line that electrifies through the electromagnetic field The Heaven and Earth Connection. The Universal charge to the right in white connecting through the horizontal triangle all components to ripple out in a trinity effect. Feel into this and allow the transformation to begin! What will your story be? Allow it to unfold and present with an open and curious heart!

Dielectric Field ~ Magnetism: This is a Technology within our Being, now being activated. We think the Mantis beings supported us on this one!!! It is a simplified version of a very complex system and technology within our being that we are saying yes to the activation of.

The Infinite Heart ~ KeyCode 9: I was guided to add this light code from a previous series to this series as well. It carries the KeyCode 9, which is the Code for Freeing the Dove allowing the release of the illusion of the experiment, time & space and realize we have come home! We are acknowledging ourselves in our TRUE ESSENCE!

All Light Codes are multidimensional. What you see in these codes (5 senses) is a very small part of what actually exists. Some will see this with there 3rd Eye wide open. Sound, Frequencies, Vibrations and Color (beyond the image) are present and enter the electromagnetic fields of the heart in physical form and it’s ethereal nature. Healing, Activations, Upgrades, Downloads are available through these codes. Your intentions are very important!

Note: You can go to the Youtube link above and find The Path of The Heart Group Gathering to listen and to feel into the energy exchange of this Series.

Dielectric Field ~ Magnetism
The Infinite Heart ~ KeyCode 9, Freeing The Dove (This Code is from another series called Heart Activations)

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