The Vatican Reveals a 3rd Key

Golden Lion Sphere – Transmit

I just never quite know what will come through when I am guided to draw light codes on top of specific images.  These amazing synchronicities show up and I just allow the flow, as then a knowing will pop right in.  A friend told me I needed to do something with the Vatican and so it begins. I never have all the details, just bits and pieces that will frame the energy into what it needs to be between the image and the Light Code.  This can sometimes and in this case brought about a deep mission of reconciliation and transformation of those mis-creations that have been cast upon and through the earth, her beings and even beyond time and space, as a reverberation beamed throughout the Universe. 

There were several locations that were part of this (from a year ago) yet it was the Vatican now calling and we inserted the final key.  Egypt and Cologne Cathedral were linked into this key. Both activate within and without! The Golden Lion Sphere takes it’s place as all distorted spheres around the world become deactactivated!

Let’s just say it was a chain reaction and The New Hue-Mana is now truly realigned through the IX IX XI IX coding, while the trans-humanistic spell has been deactivated.  The heart mind or heart, 3rd Eye connection is free as a bird in flight to soar the heavens, and feel the vision in a whole new way.

If you tap into these light codes you may feel your own restoration in a way that you had not considered.  We continue to reconcile and Transform in a whole new LIGHT!

In Gratitude for all that we are becoming as the old systems fall away!

Transform Through Star Mandala
Reconcile the Spell – Vatican
Egypt Acitvate
Cologne ~ Cathode ~ Activate

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