Clearing the Distortion of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Magnetic Motion

We set the intention as other clearings had opened this pathway! There was so much coming up for all of us and then we just knew we had to make this a big intention and desired leap forward as the support we were having was tremendous and I’m certain others on the planet (ground crew) were also participating in this effort as the quickening is stepping it up and energies are presenting!!!

Here is how we began:

8.11.22 CERN+ Clearing!  Very big day!  Yes, I want to meet higher versions of self!  We are part of the Galactic Federation within these versions and I call for integration in this now for call to duty in Love, Light and Joy of this now time.

Let’s release Earth, Gaia and her beings (humans, animals, nature) from the hologram/matrix through energy distortions……Lift the Veil! 

I’m calling it the Veil as it has been the strong hold on the Earth that has kept humanity in a looping cycle, holding up their evolution in connection to the whole.  

Through our Free will and saying yes we are Calling for full transformation of all energy that is and has been used to mis-create (past, present, future, throughout all space time and dimensions) by not following the Laws of Nature and Source Light Directive.  This transformation will be in whatever way, order, which is deemed necessary by our Higher Selves, Galactic Friends and Family and through Source Light Directive.  We understand all will be experienced and felt as required by individuals based on their agreements and their chosen timeline.

We begin with the equipment buried deep within Gaia called CERN, used to manipulate matter and antimatter and interfere with the Universal God Particles.  This equipment is in 4 known locations that we are aware of yet, there could be many more.  3 in France and 1 in Switzerland.  This equipment is one of many ways that is being used to Interfere/Disrupt and manipulate the electro-magnetic fields of Earth and her beings.  The Galactics (8th Dimensional) per Cynthia called it the small stuff! There perspective is a bit galactic and from seeing a much larger perspective of what has been going on for eons of time!

We are taking this opportunity to expand this clearing, to move along the process as we are feeling the quickening and we ask our higher selves, galactic families, brothers, sisters and Source Light to determine feasibility, and order of all transformations through organic technology, Source Light Frequencies and other means deemed necessary.

And it is Now that, we call upon the transformation of all inversions, energy distortions, in-organic AI control/technology, manipulation and any other malfeasance upon planet Earth and including any causation of reverberations through the galaxies and Universes.   These mis-creations are through the acts of human creation/free will (known and unkown through control mechanisms) that have been allowed through the experimentation process of separation from Source but are no longer excepted as we as part of the human collective have made the call.  The following is a list we would like addressed of observed creations that have fallen into the categories above in which malfeasance has occurred and are by no means LIMITED to these sources:

Ancient, Old, or Modern structures (Designed and built or even in design & planning phase)

Seen or Unseen (could be buried or cloaked in other dimensions)

Architecture – General|Buildings:  Cathedrals, Mosques, Churches, Hospitals, Stadiums, Theatres (including Amphitheatres), Institutions, Concert Halls, Museums,  Art Galleries, Malls, Airports, Universities, Towers, High Rise Buildings of all varieties and type of use, Military Bases (Labs, all facilities as part of Military Ops), Hotels, Castles, Temples, Pyramids, etc.

In-Organic Wave Stations: Broadcasting, Receiving, Transmitting, Holding or Anchoring Monuments, Towers, Obelisks, Sculptures, buildings, artifacts, symbols, statues, etc.

Land & Water Patterns, Disruptions & Mis-use:  Inverted Sacred Geometry patterns and symbols, connecting monuments or other built features, Wars, Mining, Industrial farming, Industrial dumping, invasive exploitation of natural resources, Dams, Experimentation deep within Earth Structure, etc.

Inversions and|or other malfeasance upon Land Mass, Continent, Country, City, Town, Village, Seas, Oceans, Lakes, rivers, etc.

Inversions and mis-use of the elements, elementals and directions:  Crystals, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, North, East, South, West,  New codes have been created for this.

We call for the Opportunity Now for God Sovereign and Free Humanity by their own will.  The true will and nature that has not been compromised by control and manipulation.

It is done and so it is!

Nandi’s Power

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