Goddess Technology

Hathor | Isis | Sekhmet (Color Frequencies from left to right)

A calling of the Goddesses! I kept feeling these pyramids present in my dream time! It was like the Goddesses were creating the technology necessary for repair work and wanted me to bring it forward in a Light Code for all to utilize as they feel necessary. We are in a deep repair phase of our existence, where it is critical within and without to feel this and acknowledge it. While we do this we acknowledge our journey and how far we have come in order to return to the true self, that Goddess and God within!

I found it interesting that the codes wanted to be on this image (background). My mind wanted to put them on something white, yet they reminded me of this image I had dropped in my library a few months back. I actually did not know what Cathedral this was and had forgotten to further inquire as I added to my library of images.

I was drawn to ask a friend to join me earlier in the week in whatever it is we needed to do as we anchored this technology in! There was certainly a few places that presented that needed that repair and energy of the Goddesses and still not quiet sure why the La Sagrada Familia beautiful structure in Barcelona, Spain came about other than that means “Holy Family”. Perhaps it is the reinstatement of the Holy Family of One!

We inquired with a guide that my friend is in tune with and he said Your myths, histories….are not what you have been taught. Well an amen brother to that for sure!!!! I found it quite cool the merging of the Egyptian with whatever timeline, civilization truly built this amazing structure! Then a though came through! Perhaps they are the same!

I brought in the Goddesses through the Language of Light!  As I felt the energy I placed my left hand on my heart!  Receiving through the heart the codes, the frequencies of Love in the organic technology that it is.  My hand heated up sending the energy directly into my heart and encircling my physical being like a band of energy around my breast.  This heat traveled up and down my being embracing the goddess within and allowing her to be who she is in her expression of life. Encoded message below!

You are here in this NOW moment to be true to your spirit and true to your world as this is the message we have for you.  It is simple yet profound as you feel into every direction, frequency and vibration.  This is your mastery, your light to shine upon all that is!  As within, as without, as above, so below and as everything is now in motion with the magnetic flow (no distortion) You are free, you are loved and you are ONE with all that is.  Choose to embrace this knowing and allow the FUN to begin!

Hathor | Isis | Sekhmet

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